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01 January 2017


I'm not quite sure how to start things off.

That about sums up my feelings on this blog post, as well as this year.

Just like I felt at the dawn of 2011, with literally nothing bearing down on my life's calendar, 2017 is starting off as its own enigma. Maybe it's something about prime-numbered years (I doubt it).

Six years ago, I took that relative freedom as an opportunity to reset my bearings and chart a new course. Where I'm at today is the complex result of that journey. It's not exactly where I was aimed at the outset, but it just might be a better place.

Similarly, this year I recalibrate and adjust, having reached enough of one set of goals that it's time to start forming the next. It's an opportunity that ought to be taken, even if tomorrow feels the same as today, since life doesn't typically allow for such compartmentalization.

But I think my next major goal, life-wise, is better decompartmentalization.

To wit, I finally managed to get my hands on a piano a few times over this holiday season, and it felt really good. Here's to trying to restore music, which has often had to take a back seat the last couple years, into my natural balance.

This ties into thoughts I have about my general health and fitness, getting more cleaning done around the apartment (a chronic struggle!), and more intentfully fostering friendships both new and old. I've never been one for resolutions (certainly not in January), but I think most of this stuff is in the scope of typical American resolutions and is stuff I'd be interested in working on anyway. So, eh.

And maybe I want to get a little better at graphic design for these annual doodles. ;) I never want to get to the point where this post just feels like "another year, another doodle." I was a little rushed this evening, as I was actually, ya know, enjoying the day… but I think I keep doing alright at making this meaningful, if for no one else but myself.

Anyway, now that I've gotten out of the instability of the past few years and moved onto a pretty stable work situation, the sorts of "life goals" I have this year seem a bit more actualizable this time around… even if I have no clue what the end result might be, or if "I'm not quite sure how to start things off."

I'm pretty sure I'll figure most of it out.

Random tangent: Compared to other years this decade, saying "twenty-seventeen" seems a little long and unwieldy, but it really isn't. I pointed out in 2007 that "two thousand seven" was the same number of syllables as "nineteen ninety-nine". Not only is "twenty-seventeen" also just five syllables, but those syllables have the same accents and emphasis as most years in the 1990s (apparently, a trochee and an anapæst, now that I look them up). We'll be fine.


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