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28 September 2006


Ugh. What more can I say?

I took my first two exams this week in Intro to Psych and Honors Calc, as some of you already know. Despite the fact that both the exams actually went pretty well (I was one of several who caught an error on the Psych exam), I'm still bogged down. As I write this in short bits on the left side of the screen, my online physics homework is on the right, due this Sunday night at 21:00.

You see, in order to study for my exams, I moved some of the routine weekly stuff to the back burner. Well, now that's all due, plus I've got a paper due Monday, and once that's out of the way, it's just in time to start studying for the next round of exams! Such is the life of a college student. Those who have been through it know what I'm talking about, while those still in high school think I'm going crazy. I know; I thought the same thing about my college friends last year.

And maybe it's true. After all, everyone is crazy, just to varying degrees, and we are accustomed to our own degree of craziness (i.e., we seem normal to ourselves and our friends). Maybe college is just the next rung on the craziness ladder? I have, in fact, noticed that my life has become a lot more random, and I think that's reflecting itself in my personality. It would make great blog material, but for now it goes unrecorded, at least until the next time I can find fifteen minutes to keep this site active.

College life is so underrepresented in the blogosphere...


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16 September 2006

Commenting Workaround

I checked today and was happy to see this update from the Known Issues blog:

Users are seeing errors when posting comments with current Blogger accounts to blogs on the new version of Blogger in beta. Until we fix this, the workaround is to preview the comment before publishing. (You only need to preview once per account.) Update (9/13): This issue has been re-written to clarify the core bug and offer the workaround.
What this means to you: If you're logged in as a blogger who has not switched (which is the majority of my readership), click the "Preview" button once you've finished writing your comment (circled at right). When your comment appears highlighted in yellow on the left-hand side, click the orange "Publish Your Comment" button. I will receive and moderate your comment normally.
And the great news is, you should only have to do this extra step once for your Blogger account! Now if they'd just fix it the rest of the way, so I can comment on your blogs just as easily...


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10 September 2006


Yes, I know, I know. I need to write about college. I've been gathering a whole bunch of little snippets that I think I'll have compiled soon. I just have to find the time to actually post it.

Anyway, since I'm sure you've been diligently checking out my blog for my first college post, you may have noticed in the sidebar that I switched to Blogger Beta this week. As a long-time Google Account holder, it's really quite great, but not all that different from the original Blogger. The main thing I like is that you don't have the little "Publishing" wheel. In fact there is no republishing at all. Any changes made immediately go live.

But there are some downsides. Apparently one of the "known issues," literally posted just hours after I switched, is that I can't comment on your blogs as myself, because you haven't switched yet. Not that it's a big deal. I'll just click "Other," type "TJ," and put a link to my Blogger profile in the website field. It will act just like other comments until they get this fixed. Because that could get very annoying.

They also thought that you can't comment on my blog, but they ended up saying that it was never an issue (they just got the issue above mixed up). Although, I'm not quite so confident that all is well in that regard. If it doesn't work when you try to leave a comment from your Blogger account, please do exactly the same thing as I do. If you don't know your profile link, find another time you commented me, right click your name, and select "Copy Shortcut." Then you can paste it right into the field. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I plan to reject any comments from Bloggers that don't follow this procedure in the meantime.

Or, you could always switch as well. That would work.

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