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30 June 2013


I realize it's been the better part of forever since a normal post, but I had a random thought that seemed to be just too long for a tweet or a Facebook post. So I thought I'd put it here. Isn't that what this blog is was is supposed to be for?

You have to live in a place for a year before you can come to expect all of the weird angles sunlight will make as it enters through your windows. Hopefully, these angles form closer to the equinoctes, so that if you catch them on the sun's southward journey, you can predict it on the northward, or vice versa. For example, if the rising sun shines into your eyes in bed during the second week of August, you can bet it will also happen in early May. And then you know which week to draw the shades.

Unfortunately, if these angles form closer to a solstice, you have no such (simple) predictive power until they happen. And so it is with my apartment, where my desk has been brilliantly illuminated at between around 17:30 and 18:15 EDT every evening for the last three weeks or so. It's like a mini-Stonehenge.


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