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28 September 2006


Ugh. What more can I say?

I took my first two exams this week in Intro to Psych and Honors Calc, as some of you already know. Despite the fact that both the exams actually went pretty well (I was one of several who caught an error on the Psych exam), I'm still bogged down. As I write this in short bits on the left side of the screen, my online physics homework is on the right, due this Sunday night at 21:00.

You see, in order to study for my exams, I moved some of the routine weekly stuff to the back burner. Well, now that's all due, plus I've got a paper due Monday, and once that's out of the way, it's just in time to start studying for the next round of exams! Such is the life of a college student. Those who have been through it know what I'm talking about, while those still in high school think I'm going crazy. I know; I thought the same thing about my college friends last year.

And maybe it's true. After all, everyone is crazy, just to varying degrees, and we are accustomed to our own degree of craziness (i.e., we seem normal to ourselves and our friends). Maybe college is just the next rung on the craziness ladder? I have, in fact, noticed that my life has become a lot more random, and I think that's reflecting itself in my personality. It would make great blog material, but for now it goes unrecorded, at least until the next time I can find fifteen minutes to keep this site active.

College life is so underrepresented in the blogosphere...


Laurel said...

I don't think you are going crazy, that sounds a lot like BP High. Tons of stuff due, tons of tests, all the time, no time for anything else...just ask andrea lol, although your wrok is harder, but then again you've been through high school, so you're smarter too.

Loving Everyone Always Forever

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i realize that college exams and homework and papers and stuff are harder, but seriously, i don't think i can possibly get busier. especially with band taking over and since i have a job. plus all these activities laurel is making me join. i honestly don't know what to do with myself.

Tim Parenti said...

I'm just wondering about spring term, when I won't have marching band. What'll I do with all that extra time?

Study. And maybe concert band... I hear that's not much of a time commitment.

Anonymous said...

I can still remember my transition to college life and the fact that "Every teacher seemed to think that their class was the only one we had to study for." Just don't expect perfection of yourself or you'll become overwhelmed. I know you will do fine.

Grandpa B.

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