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09 October 2006

A Stunning Turn of Events

So, I was sitting in Physics (PHYS 0174) today at 15:00, waiting for the exams to be handed out. Both TAs were there, and all the students were ready to take the test.

Except our professor is in Japan this week.

And his replacement never showed up.

The TAs made a few phone calls, although I could safely assume that they didn't call our professor directly because (1) he was in Japan, (2) he probably didn't sign up for the super-ultra-international plan on his cell phone, and (3) it was 04:00 Tuesday morning in Japan.

About ten minutes in, a student asked one TA what was going on and if we were taking our test or not. The room suddenly became hushed for her response, "I don't know." There were cheers for the brevity and yet accuracy of this statement.

A few minutes later, the other TA came in and said we'd wait five or ten more minutes just in case someone decided to show up. Some students raised concerns because they had a calculus exam at 16:00. They were told not to worry about it. How reassuring.

By 15:20, he came back in and said, "Obviously, there is no exam here." No one knows when we'll be taking it, and one can only hope that the substitute professors that were lined up for Wednesday and Friday actually show up, so we don't just sit idly for twenty minutes, only to leave.

Well, that's enough of a rant. But wasn't that a stunning turn of events?


Tim Parenti said...

Update: I just got an email saying that the exam is postponed until Monday 16 October, when our professor gets back. Lectures will go on as usual for the rest of this week, but the material covered on the exam will remain the same.

Still, I've never heard of anything like this happening before, although I'm sure it has. I think I'm still in shock.

Tim Parenti said...

Yes, but at least the exams were there. The papers never even made it to the room in this extraordinary case.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

october 9th? but isnt' that monday?! you said you weren't updating until tuesday, liar. haha. it's okay though.

that's crazy, the whole exam thing. you'd think a college would have that organized.

Laurel said...

Awesomeness, I love delayed tests!

Tim Parenti said...

Andrea, I said I wasn't planning on updating until Tuesday. This was such a stunning turn of events that I had to write about it straight away.

Janelaine said...

ok, wow, this is MUCH more epic than just having class canceled!! good story.

Tim Parenti said...

Haha. I love how a simple reference to a four-year-old post generates a brand new comment!

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