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31 August 2005

We Are Cheerios

With Hurricane Katrina now in the past, I'd like to share a rather weird analogy that my brother came up with. It's not the best analogy, and is probably not very sensitive to those who lost everything, but I need something to post before August is done.

Imagine a big bowl of Cheerios. The bowl is the basin of New Orleans. Each Cheerio represents a house. The crumbs are people.

Now imagine that the aforementioned bowl is floating...floating in an endless sea of milk. You look left, you look right, but all you can see is milk (which would initially be tasty, but after a while it would get boring).

Somehow, a hole is poked through the protective shell that is the bowl. Milk begins to seep in. Then it begins to flow in. Cheerios get soggy. Crumbs scream for their lives as they float into the infinite abyss of lactose.

Pretty scary, isn't it? (Pretty weird, isn't it?) That's my brother for you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Miles C. said...

Help! I'm drowing, but at least I won't die from a heart attack!

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