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04 January 2006

My Birthday

Well, I suppose that as far as anyone is really concerned, I'm now 18. Even my Blogger profile has updated itself. Although I wasn't born until late evening on that snowy day in 1988, I legally earned the status at midnight, along with all the advantages (and disadvantages) that come along with it. Not that I really plan on doing much of anything different any time soon.


Referring for the second post in a row to my recent reflective post, I guess I just never pictured myself as 18. But here I am. Wow.

I really won't be doing much to celebrate tonight. Not only do I have loads of reading to do in preparation for a test on Crime and Punishment and the last of three term papers (thank God!), this one on Pride and Prejudice, but the school bell choir is having their last performance of the winter season tonight—an anticlimactic concert of Christmas music at a local senior community (December was already booked when they called). Then, I've got to look up recipes for a cookbook project for Wellness & Nutrition that I've been putting off for weeks (months?).

Not to mention my ordinary Wednesday piano lesson at 17:00. I go first this week, and my brother takes the second slot. Since we've got to be at the school at 18:15 for bell choir, that means that I eat during his lesson and he eats during mine. Lovely. I just love forcing down food.

But still, I'm optimistic about the coming months. It's going to be great; I can feel it. I actually do get to celebrate my birthday, but not really until Saturday (right after a grueling Academic Decathlon competition). Oh, well. I suppose I've been waiting years for this celebration, what's another three days?

But I suppose I am 18 now, am I not?


Stephen Lewis said...

eat your cake if you want to
you can leave your friends behind
but if you don't share some of that good frostin'
then you ain't no friend of mine

so i'm stretching it.
happy birthday, sir.

Laurel said...

lol to liz
Happy belated birthday cuz
I'd have called on your B-day but you know how it
PS. I'm looking for my hidden message!

Luv ya all!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

wow. 18. you are OLD! i mean, jeez. you are old enough to call those 18 or older comercials. i remember when i was real little and i saw those commercials advertising the coolest toys, but i couldn't get them cuz my mom wouldn't call and i wasn't old enough. haha.

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