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14 May 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Randomness!

That's right! The blog you all know and love is turning 1 today!

It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since my first post, when I said that my posts would "[have] nothing to do with anything." Well, that might have been a lie. But back then, I really didn't know what I was getting into.

So, why do I continue blogging, even though none of my local friends read it anywhere near regularly?

Maybe it's because I know that no matter what I write, someone somewhere will read it. And if I don't write, those same people will care enough to continue checking up on me, even admonishing me if nothing's getting posted. So a huge thank you goes out to the 1981 visitors that came here over the last year. Without you, I'd have no reason to continue this. Even my grandfather visited while vacationing in Ecuador!

or maybe i keep blogging b/c when im online i can ignore all standard rules of grammer and speling. But I doubt it, because I choose not to ignore them—except for the little things, of course, like starting this sentence with "but." Honestly, it doesn't seem right to write like that intentionally. I like my online presence to be as sophisticated as I like my physical presence to be, though some would argue that neither are that refined.

To tell the truth, I was slightly disappointed when I read Laurel's tiny little post regarding her blog's birthday. Now, I know she probably doesn't really care about her blog's birthday, and just found it "impressive," but I believe that this is something that should be celebrated more fully. After all, it only happens once a year. But then again, so does just about everything else.

Which brings me to the age-old question: why "Randomness"? Truly, out of all the blogs I frequent, this one seems to have the most calculated, planned, and thought out posts. So why is such a blog entitled "Randomness"? It surely wouldn't seem very random to the average reader.

Because life is random. Sometimes the weirdest little thing strikes your fancy and it ends up shaping the whole next phase of your life story. No matter how infinitesimally insignificant something may seem, it could change your life forever.

That's why I do this. To capture snapshots of life. It's just that simple.

So on this wonderful day when everyone is honoring their mothers, let us take a moment or two to honor Randomness as well. Happy birthday!

By the way, the post I lost a few days ago will be posted eventually. Please be patient; it took me forever to write it the first time around.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

i think it's cool that your blog is a year old, although i thought laurel's was younger than yours. i can't believe it's been a year! time goes ever so fast.

Stephen Lewis said...

happy birthday randomness! here's to more organized nonsense on the internet!

Tim Parenti said...

Hear, hear!

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