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23 May 2006


Today is International Blog Post Remembrance Day (BPRD), as declared by a 16 May proclamation (made by yours truly). As part of the "appropriate observances and activities" I have planned for myself today, I have decided to blog. How appropriate.

Let me start by saying that I originally planned to revive the lost post today. But, I am presenting my graduation project tomorrow, and that has to take priority over writing thousands of words of nonsense. So what am I doing right now? Good question. Anyways, if I finish early, I might make an attempt, but really it just went through what the first ten days of May were like for me. And by now, all of that is sooo two weeks ago.

So I'm probably going to summarize the entire month of May in one of my next few posts. But I've got to finish the senior project first. That's issue number 1. After 10:05 tomorrow morning, I'm free...from the senior project. Then I've got four AP Government projects and a graduation speech to round out the year. When will it ever end? Answer: in about 16 days.

While trying to come up with a topic for this post, I had an interesting little chat with my cousin. An excerpt follows:

TJ: btw, i've noticed your blog has slowed a bit...any reason, or just nothing to write about?
Laurel: not much to write about, and studying for finals and stuff like that,
TJ: yeah
Laurel: i think i'll have something big to write about soon though,
TJ: good - but remember, blog post remembrance day is today! seize the opportunity!
Laurel: omg
Laurel: how are blogs lost
TJ: it's complicated...
TJ: but it does happen
And just before I reminded Andrea, she was bragging about how she had updated all seven of her blogs and blog-like sites in the last 96 hours. So I suggested she update them all again today in honor of BPRD:
TJ: that's amazing
Andrea: what is?
TJ: ur updating - u should update them all again today in honor of blog post remembrance day
Andrea: ooo i should
Andrea: haha
Andrea: i don't know if i'll be able to...
And now she's frantically working to accomplish that goal before she leaves for her concert tonight. Gee, I'm evil, aren't I?

She ran the post for her main blog by me, looking for inspiration:
Andrea: so today is blog post remembrance day, and so i guess i have to post, or today would be pointless. that's all i have so far
TJ: lol
TJ: add, "so here you go, tj, are you happy?" and ur good...
TJ: anything else is gravy
And that's exactly what she did. And the answer is...yes, I'm very happy. BPRD is actually somewhat of a success this year, even though it got deleted from Wikipedia yesterday at 16:53 ET, after being up for six days. Oh, well, the world may not be ready to recognize this day, but we sure are.

And midnight is over seven hours away, so keep up with the festivities! Who knows, you might get a second post out of me today...


Lexi Elizabeth said...

hahahhaaha. wow. i thought my post was bad. well, it is. much worse than yours. but the same pointless style. haha.

Tim Parenti said...

You said it, Andrea.

Stephen Lewis said...

holy crap, you actually tried to put it into wikipedia? that's insane! i'm not surprised it got deleted though... they like things that can be "proved", or "cited", or whatever they call it. they're non-believers, that's what they are. :D

Tim Parenti said...

What I'm surprised about is that it lasted six whole days without having its own page...

Lexi Elizabeth said...

when's this lost post going to be posted?

Tim Parenti said...

It won't. It doesn't make any sense any more to post about the first ten days of May. But maybe I'll take bits and pieces of it and do "A Taste of June"?

Nah. I'll just do smaller posts about my life as things crop up. I don't want to get too boring.

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