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05 November 2006


I am a semi-celebrity in the band. Or, at least I was for a short time. With the exception of the trumpet section, most of them have probably forgotten about this by now, but I've been way too busy to write about it.

Anyway, both of my parents are Pitt alumni, and both played trumpet in the band, just like I do now. But apparently that's not a very common occurrence.

So right before band camp, our director gave his annual speech in which he asks students to look left and right and consider that their future spouse could be there. He said, "We believe in inbreeding" in the Pitt Band, and that that's what keeps the organization strong.

He then pointed to me as an example of a "product of inbreeding."

Now, most band members end up being given nicknames which they are generally stuck with for the rest of their lives. And traditionally, they get little to no input. However, my section leader was nice enough to ask me if I was easily offended. I wasn't sure, and he rephrased the question, asking instead if being called "Inbred" for the next four years would get on my nerves.

Um, yeah.

It took him another day, but eventually he came up with "Purebred" instead. Aw.

Some people call me by my nickname, others don't. But "Purebred" is all that "Kitty" ever calls me...


Lexi Elizabeth said...

who's kitty?

i would hate to be called purebred. not like i'd ever even need to be called it- since i'm not a pure or half anything bred. haha. :-\

nevermind that was confusing. haha.

Tim Parenti said...

"Kitty" is my squad leader. His real name is Andrew. But once again, I don't think anyone calls him that on a regular basis.

Laurel said...

So, how about Purebred reminds me of Harry Potter books. For better or for worse haha!

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