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04 January 2007

My Birthday

And now I'm 19. It says so on my Blogger profile. I've gotten a bajillion Facebook wall posts today. I hung out with friends. And the Internet in my room isn't working, so I have to blog from the Sutherland Hall computer lab... again. But this time, I really want to get this done by midnight so that the greatest day of the year can be represented.

It's no big deal, though. My friend Corey's actually working here right now. And he's cool.

And speaking of the greatest day of the year, the administrator of the Facebook group entitled what else but "January 4 is the greatest day of the year!" sent a mass message to everyone this morning. And since the group picture is a little cupcake with a candle on it, this was what I woke up to. Actually, no. My mother called me before my first class. But the cute little cupcake was the first visual representation that today would be a good day.

I don't know why I'm so tired. It must be going back to classes. And yet I have all this energy (that's probably sugar from the orange soda I had with dinner). I invited Emily and Jennifer (a.k.a. "Howdy") up to my room to give them birthday fudge and birthday Rice Krispies Treats. Then, once we started annoying my roommate enough, we moved to the other wing of the building and hung out in Howdy's room until her roommate came in with her boyfriend. Now I'm here, and on some sort of sugar high that prevented me from enjoying my birthday gâteau today. I shall enjoy it soon.

My mother and brother called me minutes before my birth moment and sang to me over the phone literally as I was signing Emily and Howdy into my wing of the dorm. Imagine trying to spell other people's names when all you're hearing is "Happy birthday to you."

PHYS 0175 and ENGR 0715 both went well today; not much to report there. And the first song we played in concert band rehearsal was Salvation is Created by Pavel Tschesnokoff. Most beautiful song ever, and this was an even more beautiful arrangement then what I'd been used to hearing (which was pretty darn beautiful). I have loved this song for years.

The only bad news is that the concert band's spring concert will probably be the weekend of 14-15 April, which already entails an all-day freshman conference (which is mandatory) and two Heinz Chapel Choir concerts (which are pretty darn close to mandatory). So maybe if I speak up, our director will be a bit careful as to setting the exact starting time of the concert.

Good news to balance that: The concert band tour is more or less set in stone for 30 April-01 May. Apparently last year's got cancelled for some reason, and people were disappointed.

Apparently Pitt's dining services have something in their system that alerts cashiers to your birthday when they swipe your card on that day. And so, being half Italian and having had pasta on my birthday for God-knows-how-many years, I went to have pasta for lunch. And the lady swiped my card, and then announced to everyone working there that it was my birthday. She then proceeded to ask me what I would like for my birthday drink. Um... Pepsi? I don't know; I hadn't even ordered a drink, and yet by eating lunch at the right place on the greatest day of the year, I had somehow earned a jumbo 32-oz. beverage.

But the surprise of that just made my day; it truly did. I don't know why, but it's the little things that count. Emily got me uncooked spaghetti and a self-made hollowed-out book for Christmas/Birthday. Unfortunately, the box of uncooked spaghetti can't fit inside the hollowed-out book, so my spaghetti-eating habit can't remain secret. Oh, well. :)

And I don't know how many people have told me I should go to Canada and drink today. I have class at 09:00.

Random tangent: Up two paragraphs. Is that the first emoticon I've ever used on this blog? Wow. Go me! It's my birthday, and I suppose that means I'm 19 now, aren't I? And no, that's not my cake above. And no, I didn't specifically look for a picture of a cake with my name on it. I just found it randomly. How appropriately random.

Photo Credit: Agape Christian Fellowship at Princeton University. Search result provided by Google Images.


Anonymous said...

You should've told us to make you stop drinking orange soda! At least I know now that you clearly can't control yourself ;).

Salvation is Created is a warmup, not really performed in concert. I love it though.

Yay, I made your day!

Tim Parenti said...

That's actually what we used the song as in my high school band, too.

Apparently, rumor has it that we used it first, some graduate took it to Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and they made it famous. I don't know how true that is, but I like to think of it that way.

Stephen Lewis said...

wow, it's been a while since i've posted here! two comments:

1. salvation is created = quite possibly one of the greatest songs ever created. i've heard band and orchestral arrangements, i've heard vocal arrangements (i've sung one), and it's one of those songs that's powerful no matter how you do it. (you just really need to get the dynamics in there to have the effect.)

2. over thanksgiving break, our family was looking through old slides. there were a few slides from my sixth birthday. one of them was a cake, not unlike the one in your picture. the message was spelled out on top in M&M's (except there was no blue back then). but of course, it was not until we looked at this slide, twelve years later, and saw that the cake actually said "HAPPPY B-DAY STEVE". whoops!

happy birthday!

Tim Parenti said...

I agree. Having sung Salvation is Created myself, you absolutely need strong dynamics. But it can be just as powerful as any orchestral/instrumental arrangement if done properly, possibly more so if one considers the words (at least the first verse; the second verse is repetitive, but in a powerful way). It is quite a great song and I love it a lot.

And it even took me a while to realize that there were three "P"s there.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday Tim :)

Grandpa B.

Tim Parenti said...

And once again, you're not anonymous if you sign your name.

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure I pressed (other) last time. :)

Grandpa B.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

hey. sorry it's been a while. i get way too busy during school to comment.

happy belated birthday, and i'm glad it was a good day for you. i hope i get a good birthday one year.

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