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21 June 2007

Tooth Delay

Whoa-my-gosh. There is simply so much to write about here. So much that I think I'm going to skip all the things I was "putting off" when I last posted. In fact, I may even skip most of what I was considering posting and chunk what's left into short little posts so that I can actually put something up.

I guess I'd better start.

Well, I'd mentioned that I was going to have my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday 17 July. Well, after three weeks of thinking this, I was recently informed that apparently my oral surgeon will not be in the office that day. They offered an open slot on 10 July, but that's during Music Camp; we made it known that we picked the day we did for that reason.

So now they're booked straight through all of July. After that, it becomes less of a "what day is convenient?" situation and more of a "what's the soonest opening?" problem, because band camp starts on 17 August and I'd like to be mostly recovered by then. So now my appointment has been rescheduled for Monday 06 August at 10:00 ET. Oh, well.

This is not fun for me because it's right in the middle of the ninth annual Cousin Club Fun Week, and right after the family reunion on that side. So I'm going to be in pain and not able to be with my cousins for a good portion of the one week they'll be up. Grr.

Another disappointment is the fact that my father wanted to have this all taken care of before my orthodontist appointment on Thursday 26 July. Also, I was looking forward to recovering while reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Now, it seems as though I'll probably have already read it by the time I go in. Vicodin and magic was a combination I wanted to experience! Although, it probably wouldn't be so "intense" as other drugs, but I'll pass on those.

Finally, it's right before my other self-created holiday is scheduled to occur (Tuesday 07 August). Now last year, it was a shameless (and failed) attempt at self-promotion, but I decided soon after that that I would keep the date and change it into something completely different. Since it's coming up, I was just beginning to entertain the thought of a day of "liveblogging" when this came up. Now, it's a painful thought.

I might just do it anyway.

Random tangent: Summer started today at 14:06 ET, and at that moment I was in a hot conference room at my mom's work helping her do some data entry and formatting for a presentation of sorts. Gee, I'm so helpful, aren't I? While there, I heard no less than five times that I'm "the spitting image of my mother," or as my mother puts it, "the boy version." Well, at least we don't look dissimilar, or as mom said, I don't "look adopted." Gee, that's reassuring. ;)


Laurel said...

ick, cousin club week will be weird without you, though you will still be at the reunion, and as I'm not sure what else I'm doing that may be all i'll be there for. I'm not sure how it is all working out. I won't be there the full week i'm sure.

Sorry about you having to get your teeth out at all, and you and your mother do look quite similar.

I've been told I look more like your mother than mine. But that may just be the whole curly brown hair thing.

Tim Parenti said...

The only thing is if it turns out being nice the day of the reunion and people end up staying late, I'll have to leave early to go "drug myself" (i.e., take the necessary sleeping pill).

I wish I could spend some time with you leading up to the reunion so that it's not so bad not seeing you when I'm recovering. Although it might be nice to get a visit or two from you as well. I hope you could come for a few days on both sides of the reunion, but when I talked to you mother it seemed like an "either-or" deal. Oh, well.

And yes, you do resemble my mother.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

that's sucks. i would hate anything with my teeth. yick.

Tim Parenti said...

What sucks more is that I was getting ready to get it over with in July and now I have to wait until August!!!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Baxter told me, when I was about your age, that I was the only one in the family with a big enough mouth to fit my wisdom teeth when they grew in. Since you need your wisdom teeth out, I guess no one else has broken my mouth size record yet. "So I have that going for me..."

If it's any consolation, we'll be there for the reunion, but going home that evening (way before any drug induced sleep on your part). Scott and Daniel have swimming lessons Monday morning. I had to take Vicodan last August when I ripped my toenail off - I didn't think it was doing much for the pain until I stopped taking it one day - most of August 2006 is a fog for me. (And, yes, I realize that this is not any consolation to hear at all.)

Aunt Beverly (The stick-straight blonde hair version of your mother.)

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