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04 February 2008

No Asterisk Required.

Yeah, I had actually decided that if the Patriots were to have won, I was Photoshopping in an asterisk, probably bigger than the Patriots' logo itself. Now that's one "Giant" asterisk. (Haha.)

But that is no longer necessary, as they lost. Granted, there was that ridiculously questionable challenge early in the third quarter. Since when can you challenge for a penalty call? The Patriots played just how they have all season... and they finally got their just desserts.

I watched only the second half of the game, and did so in the ninth floor lounge here, as there were a bunch of trumpeters hanging out there, as well as others from nearby floors. Now, to be fair, one of those "others" who was rooting for the Patriots did mention that Plaxico Burress of the Giants specifically left the Steelers after the 2004 season for a team that would get him a Super Bowl victory (and recall the Steelers won the Super Bowl in his absence the next year). So this kid at least justified his rooting for the Patriots as rooting against Burress' ego, even though that logic didn't change the fact that he was outnumbered.

Still, though, in the wake of the Spygate scandal, it is sickening that such corruption seems to actually go rewarded. Many professional athletes are paid hundreds of times more than the highest-paid of those who actually do important things that matter, all while actually upholding their moral standards.

I'm not saying that there weren't genuinely good-natured people playing Sunday, but there are some sore losers, too. After the Patriots' failed to convert a fourth down, their coach Bill Belichick angrily returned to the locker room, even though there was still one second on the clock, and thus a play had to be run. During his post-game interview for TV, he really looked like he didn't want to be there.

If only he would suck it up and lose graciously. He's taken his team to four Super Bowls in the last seven years. Nothing lasts forever. Quit whining.

I really hate being harsh, but I really had strong feelings about this one. Last year, I really couldn't have cared less, having practically ignored the playoffs once the Steelers failed to get in. But because of all the buzz and controversy surrounding the Patriots' potential 19-0 season, I had to take a side. There was no forgetting about football this January.

On a lighter note: Did you notice the red, white, and blue confetti that covered the field after the win? Apparently, the NFL saved money this year because both teams had the same colors, so they didn't have to rig up two sets. Economization for the win!

But cheaters aren't champions. You got what you deserved.

Giants 17, Patriots 14.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

I hate how awful the patriots took their loss. Seriously, the giants played an amazing game. the patriots should've congratulated them for it. i was rooting for the giants, and i'm incredibly happy that they won. or maybe i'm more happy that the patriots lost. i'm sure the giants gained more fans because they were against the patriots rather than they were for the giants, but either way, i'm sure over half the country is pleased with the super bowl results. :D

Tim Parenti said...

That same kid said that he wasn't so much rooting for the Patriots as rooting against the NFC. Which is funny, because I regard myself as an AFC fan, except for a few teams (cough, cough, Patriots). So I wasn't so much rooting for the NFC as I was against the Patriots. But I was so against the Patriots in this case, that the Giants became my best friends.

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