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01 February 2009

Super Bowl 43

Here it is. The day is finally here.

Since the last time the Steelers won the Super Bowl, a lot has happened on this blog. I would love to put the Steelers logo up here again (except not just a dinky little icon again). In fact, even if the Cardinals were to win, I don't think I'd put their logo here. Or at least not larger than five or six pixels.

I'm just about to leave with friends for a game-watching party.

I'll have my camera ready to take video and pictures of any celebrations that may ensue later tonight, which you'll probably be able to find on YouTube and flickr, respectively, before the sun rises on Monday. And I'll be making a few tweets here and there on Twitter, too.

Enjoy the game, and Let's Go Steelers!


Lexi Elizabeth said...

We won, because we're amazing :D Have fun not having school tomorrow!

Tim Parenti said...

I wish classes were cancelled because of something like this... but alas, no. Many of the students still celebrating outside will have class in the morning... just how many will go is another story.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

I thought schools were pretty much canceled due to the parade?

Tim Parenti said...

Pittsburgh Public Schools are on a two-hour delay today, but that doesn't mean anything for colleges and universities. Also, there had been talk that a parade would be too costly in terms of security and cleanup, but I think they'll be having one anyway.

I just hope I'm not in class when it happens.

Scott or Daniel Cwalina said...

Our school district didn't have a delay on Monday, but we needed one! Mike and Scott went to the parade today. Scott went to school for the first hour and a half, but lots of kids skipped the whole day.

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