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27 May 2009


According to Google Reader, I have a lot of reading to do. Some of my closer friends also write for their own blogs (of course, some don't). Regardless, it seems I haven't read a single post on any of their blogs since 28 April. In under half an hour's time, that will have been a full month ago.

Of course, part of this is due to the China trip, but it doesn't help that everyone's been so gosh-darn prolific in May. One friend who had two posts in the first four months of the year has already had three in May.

So, I have some catching up to do. And I will be doing it.

And then I'll be getting more pictures up from China. 'Cause it's been a while for that, too.


Joanna said...'re kidding, right?
I have 187 unread in my rss at the moment, and I define that as being relatively caught up.

(yes, I went through all of those. it wasn't just a "mark all as read")

Tim Parenti said...

On a normal day, 247 wouldn't be that bad (seeing that I had just cleared out 'news', which is always in the hundreds), but I never have that many posts in 'blogs', because it's only about ten people I have personal connections with, only five or six of which actually blog. Except they all decided to be more prolific the month I leave the country. Typical.

I've been catching up category-by-category the last few days, though. This is the only one that's notably bigger than it should be (except when YouTube regenerated their feeds).

Lexi Elizabeth said...

Have you caught up with mine? haha. you haven't been commenting, so I can never tell.

Tim Parenti said...

Unfortunately, no. My brother had a big final project due in school today which required the simultaneous use of PowerPoint and the Internet. As my computer is capable of this and the family computer is not, I haven't been on the computer in about two days.

But I'm back now, and I will catch up!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

You have yet to read my blog. haha. I'm disappointed in you.

Troll said...

I'm wondering if you could post something along the lines of your general reaction to your experiences in China. It's such a different place, and you ended up doing a lot of things, and I wonder how your cultural perception may have changed over the course of your time there.

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