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01 January 2015


Here we are, halfway through the decade of the twenty-teens.  Time flies when you're having fun... or when you're in grad school.

At the outset of last year, I noticed that I've tended to have a more positive outlook going into even-numbered years than odd-numbered ones.  That cyclical trend is definitely continuing.

It's not that I don't have a lot to look forward to this year; I definitely do.  But I'm certainly quite a bit more worn down from 2014 than from previous years.  I've appreciated having the last few days to sort things out and plan various adjustments for the new year.  With everything starting back up again on Monday 5 January, though, I fear I'm not quite going to be in full swing in time.  But are we ever?

I'll get back with it soon enough, I'm sure.  Writing here more may become a part of that, but we all know how that's gone.

In the meantime, my traditional New Year's Day doodle above attempts to encapsulate my positive self-visions for the upcoming year.  I'm up for the challenge!

Random tangent: Mom got a Chromebook for Christmas and has had all week off, so she's been getting totally addicted to Angry Birds, 2048, and Tetris.  And she's been hilarious.


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