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12 June 2005

A Little Bit of Luck

Well, my last few posts have somehow been related to hamburgers. With concern that I may be giving my readers pangs of hunger at all hours of the night, I will refrain from mentioning hamburgers in this post. Oops; too late.

Anyways, it’s interesting how sometimes what seems like the worst of luck can actually amount to some good, even if it’s not immediately evident, and even if the good doesn’t even begin to outweigh the bad.

Take last week for example. The transmission in my father’s van conked out, and it needed many dollars worth of repairs. We were down to one vehicle for a good part of the week, which my mother took with her to work in the city. Fortunately, my father works within walking distance of our house and the weather was nice, so transportation wasn’t much of a problem.

Except on Thursday 02 June, I had an after-school activity (gasp!). My father had the day off, but without a vehicle, he could not easily travel the two miles to the school as he usually did to pick me up. So, I started walking.

Walking, walking, walking. It was a rather nice day. But I had an urgent problem: it was becoming increasingly necessary for me to promptly locate a lavatory and utilize it. Walking, walking, walking. Where shall I go? Wherever shall I locate a lavatory, let alone utilize one? I had just started walking and was still quite a distance from home. I didn’t want to turn back to the school, as that would be foolish (not to mention a waste of time). I had to find somewhere on the way home, and I had to find it fast.

No sooner had I thought the aforementioned thoughts than I came up to the community library. I went in, set down my book bag, and asked to use their restroom. I was allowed to do so (thank God!), so I did. When I was finished, one of the librarians asked if I wanted a doughnut.

A doughnut? That’s the last thing I expected to hear when I walked into the library. Apparently, they had had a book sale that day, and were getting ready to close for the evening. They had been handing out Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the patrons.

“Why don’t you take four? We’ve got to get rid of these somehow,” said the second librarian. I certainly had no objections to that; there are exactly four in my family. What a perfect number of doughnuts to stumble upon!

So, they handed me the whole box, which had four doughnuts left, and I walked happily along all the way home.

Later, I ate my doughnut, and it was very good. It was the kind with cinnamon in it, and of course, being a Krispy Kreme, it was delectable, especially after I had put it in the microwave. The creamy goodness of the doughnut was oozing all over my hands and I just had to lick my fingers when I was done.

Oh. I probably shouldn’t have gone on like that about the doughnut; now you’re probably craving one. Oh, well. I don’t really care what you’re craving. It’s not my fault you’re hungry!

The moral is: don’t be afraid of librarians. They’re actually quite friendly. And just remember that a couple thousand dollars worth of vehicle repairs might just be along the same road as a couple dollars worth of free doughnuts.


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