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24 October 2005

SAT Scores

So, I got my October SAT scores back today.

Now, in case you didn't know, I took the old SAT in January and got 700V/740M (1440). This was very similar to what I had expected as I had taken some practice tests ahead of time. The math score bothered me a bit, though. I knew I was capable of a higher score.

This time around, on the new test, I got 670CR/790M/660W (2120). Critical reading predictably went down slightly, my writing score was comparable, and math went up! The day I took the test, I was very confident of the math sections. I felt that I possibly had performed at or near an "800" level.

Apparently "near" was the correct word; very near. The 790 bugs me a lot more than the 740, because I now know I'm capable of scoring that high, but I still can't say I got an 800. Ugh! Oh, well. Maybe I can convince my parents to let me take it a third time?


Lexi Elizabeth said...

that's really good. i'm not that smart! you shouldn't be stressing over ten points!!! that's amazing!

Stephen Lewis said...

i really know what you mean by that near-800 thing... but maybe i obsessed about it more. my first time taking the sat's, i got 730. not bad, but i wanted to bring it up more. second time: 730. which depressed me, because i really thought i got the 800 that time. took the sat's a third time: 730. now it's just frustrating. my fourth time was my first (and last) time at the new-and-"improved" sat's. finally, my math score changed... 780. still not quite par to you.

but the fun part is, throughout the whole time, i knew i could do better. i coulda sworn i coulda done betta. i said to myself every time i walked out of the testing room, "that's the one. that's the big eight-oh-oh." but no beans. and so i wanted to go again. and i did, but i never made it there. it's been about about half a year since my last sat... and dang it, i want to go back again! i can do it! i can do it!

note how i completely avoided mentioning the verbal. :D

Miles C. said...

Thats totally better than what I got on any of my scores on my practice SATs. Even the math score!

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