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24 October 2005

Bad Day

I've been having a pretty bad day. Everyone has been acting really weird around me, and I don't know why.

An example: I had to stay in the band room after class to read something the director is going to pass out tonight. When I left for lunch, I turned the corner into the main hallway and I saw the other two drum majors walking the other way (apparently, they eat lunch in the music room nowadays).

Anyways, as soon as I rounded the corner and came into their view, one of them suddenly burst into laughter while the other just chuckled a bit. And it wasn't like one had told a joke to the other and I just caught them at the moment when the other started laughing; there was a distinct pause of a second or two, then, all of a sudden, laughter. I didn't know what was so funny.

It was like this all day—English, Wellness, Chem... People would start laughing about absolutely nothing at all (or apparently at nothing), and when I'd ask what was so funny, I'd get the same response: "Nothing."

Which I guess is okay, as long as it truly was nothing that they were laughing about. After all, it seemed like they were laughing about nothing.

But I have a suspicion that it's probably more than that, and that's what's made my day so bad. In fact, right now, I'm at the public library, sitting at a computer named "Grumpy" (after the dwarf). How ironic is that?

Oh, well. It will all get better soon—I hope. At least I got to post twice today!

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Laurel said...

People are mean, if they are laughing at you ignore them or start laughing when they do!
Luv ya all!

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