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02 November 2005


Apparently, Public Displays of Affection (PDA) have been running rampant around our school...or so one teacher would like to think.

Next weekend, my high school will put on its fall musical, Oklahoma!. As you may or may not know, during the course of the musical, some of the characters are required to kiss.

Well, one of our teachers who seems to do everything to the letter of the law (and who, I might add, is not affiliated with the Theatre Department) decided upon hearing this that the students playing those characters should be written up for PDA.

Yes, technically the school handbook does say that "[the] rules govern student conduct: in school, ...[and] while attending school sponsored and school supervised activities" (p. 39). And it has a whole paragraph stating that "public displays of affection...will result in disciplinary action" (p. 8)

It neglects to mention, however, that it is the duty of the staff members present at such an event to handle any disciplinary problems which may or may not arise, and to use their discretion as to whether or not a rule has been broken.

Perhaps that was the point this teacher was trying to make; I certainly don't know, nor does anybody else. Regardless, when he heard that the students were required to kiss, he immediately acted, solely upon hearsay.

Everyone was furious; emails were flying across the building. I happened to get a chance to read some as I was in the choir director's office when this arose. In my opinion, the funniest of these was from the director of the musical, saying that we didn't want to know what his blood pressure was at that moment.

The prinicpal brought up a good point: do we slap football players with detentions for aggressive behavior every time they tackle someone?

Needless to say, this teacher has done some controversial things in the past. Some people like him, some people hate him, and some people have no clue—it depends on the day. Oh, well; he'll be retiring soon, and then none of this will matter.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

omg, that's hilarious....omg! wow. i cna't believe someone's actually donig something like that.

Miles C. said...

Yeah wow. People have to kiss in all of our musicals. It was actually kind of embarrassing last year, when the two leads were making out on stage (not just stage kissing, but the whole deal).

Stephen Lewis said...

first off, i'll start off by saying that our school has a short blurb on pda's in our handbook. basically, it says that all pda's are to be limited to holding hands in the hall. our school, holy crap on a stick, does not enforce this. there are a ton of couples kissing in any hall you look down. i'll admit, i often hug some of my friends, and in public view of teachers. and walking down the hall with arm over shoulder is completely normal. so restricting pda's in my school is very much not enforced.

second: our school district did oklahoma as its all-county musical last may. and i tell you what, there's a lot of kissin' in there. what i loved was that there was no stage kissing, no finger-over-the-lips tricks. it was whole-hearted liplock. granted, the people who were kissing already had their own respective boyfriends/girlfriends, so it meant nothing, but the directors actually encouraged liplock. any flak? nope.

however... and this i still find frightening and hilarious to this day... when the set designers made the scenery for the smokehouse scene, they got a little... risqué. there were supposed to be pin-ups of beautiful women on the walls, but they got a little creative... from whatever magazine (i don't wanna know whose), they pulled pictures of barely-clothed women for the walls. after only one rehearsal with that piece of set, the director demanded it be changed. (after the show was over, i found the pictures backstage during tear-down. that was really weird.)

Miles C. said...

Our school doesn't even allow holding hands...we just live in our own little bubble areas. However, they aren't enforced either. Except by Tobias. But he can be a nazi about somethings. (he's the german teacher, how ironic is that?)

Tim Parenti said...

Well, I wasn't going to mention Mr. Andersen's name, but someone (i.e., Craig) had to be stupid and blow it.

Speaking of stupid, he couldn't even spell Mr. Andersen's name right, just like he misspelled "plagiarizer" on Andrea's blog.

And this is one of the smartest kids I know...

Tim Parenti said...

Craig, you should definitely say all four.

"Sorry," for spelling things wrong and making a fool of yourself (j/t),
"Thanks," for catching the errors and bringing them to your attention (also for calling you one of the smartest kids I know),
"Wha...?" as in "Wha...? How did I screw that up?",
and "Okay," as in "Okay, let's move on from this silly discussion!"

So there. That's all behind us now (and I'm sorry if I offended you, though I wouldn't be offended much if someone said the same things to me).

Stephen Lewis said...

so the school newsletter came yesterday in the mail. i usually don't read it, but i felt like reading it this morning. and what should i find, but a section entitled "purchasing a pda (public display of affection) ad for the 2006 yearbook", where you basically buy your kid a happy ad, shout-out, band-gram, whatever you want to call them. but that caught my eye. and i thought of this blog.

okay, shutting up now.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

there's this thing called updating. i think this blog needs it.

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