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06 June 2006

The Day of the Devil?

Today is 06 June 2006, or "06/06/06." The apocalypse? I doubt it. Probably because in some parts of the world, it's already 07 June. Or could it be that this same thing happened 100 years ago and the world didn't end then. Nevertheless, I'm glad I live in such a time when dates do weird things like this, because numbers interest me like that.

Despite the fact that I like how numbers are logical and stuff, they especially interest me when they randomly do something cool, as on "04/05/06," when I noted that I turned 6666 days old. Which reminds me, that wasn't the only senior skip day that our class tried to get away with. Dozens of seniors skipped on 25 May to go to Cedar Point in protest. To protest what, you might ask? Allow me to explain; this goes way back.

Every eighth grade class before us went to Cedar Point. The Class of 2005 messed up on their eighth-grade trip somehow and made the administration really mad, so we were not so lucky. Instead, they slapped together something at the last minute: a day trip to a local athletic club. Pathetic.

Well, the senior class also used to go to Cedar Point, but mostly due to shifts in administration (i.e., the middle school principal then is the high school principal now), this wasn't going to happen anymore. I'm sure that's not the only reason, but that has to be a factor. Needless to say, many seniors took matters into their own hands and skipped to go to their favorite amusement park.

I did not. Honestly, I don't really care for Cedar Point. But then again, I'm not much of a roller coaster guy, or even a ride guy. I prefer to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground, thank you very much. Sure, people tell me I need to "live a little more," but I'm just fine, thank you.

Anyways, those who got caught going to Cedar Point got caught up in this whole fiasco dealing with In-School Suspensions (ISS). Since there weren't many days left, and since finals were these last few days, they split the suspensions into parts: some people were suspended for one class period each day for four days rather than one whole day. But one thing was the same for all of them. They all had to serve a full day today, 06 June, the day of the senior class trip.

I don't blame them for protesting really. I mean, we actually took a vote on a class trip. We voted to go to Pittsburgh on 15 May to go on the Gateway Clipper and then see a Pirates' game. The only problem was that the Pirates weren't in town that day. So why not do the intelligent thing and reschedule the trip? Beats me.

On 03 May, a class meeting was called. I was in the middle of the AP Calculus BC exam, but I heard afterwards that it was basically held to say, "Sorry, we're not having a class trip." There was uproar, I'm sure. So they decided to take the money and buy us all tickets on a one-and-a-half hour cruise luncheon on the Victorian Princess in Presque Isle Bay. The food wasn't that bad, but only half a day? The whole trip was a little disappointing, but it was better than nothing, I guess.

Meanwhile, the skippers were in ISS wearing T-shirts they had made up especially for today. On the front, they said "Senior Class Trip 2006," and on the back, they read:

Tickets to Cedar Point: $27.50
Gas to go: $30.00
Bail and car impoundment: $8,400.00

Sitting in ISS with all your friends: Priceless
Yeah, some people had a little too much fun and couldn't leave the state of Ohio for a while. And I know there was one other item, I just can't remember what it was right now. Anyways, they didn't even really sit in ISS all day from what I hear. They just couldn't go on the officially sanctioned trip. Oh, well. I got free food and they had to pay for their trip, plus I got 7 extra credit points in AP Government the day they weren't there. That sure helped me hang onto my A. It pays to be in school.

Which brings me to my grades. Straight A's again for the third quarter in a row. It would have been four, save for the 92% I got in AP English Literature first quarter. Meh. One lousy percent away from a nice little asterisk next to my name in the honors banquet program. Oh, yeah, and a small trophy, too.

Only two days left until I give my salutatory address, which still is not finished. Oh, well. It will all work out fine. It will be lovely.

And on one last totally unrelated side note, this is post number 67 on this blog. Thankfully, it's not number 66; today has had enough sixes as it is.

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:( what's with all the smart people surrounding me? you, laurel, jay. i should go hide in a hole and never come out.

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