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26 June 2006


Okay. First almost full day on campus as a student. Eek! So anyways, greetings from the Litchfield Towers at Pitt.

So, I started the day off by getting my student ID or "Panther Card." Sure, they cut off my picture at the neck, but it expires in 2011, so I only have to deal with it until then. I'm just a little mad I specifically wore a nice shirt (long sleeves on a muggy day, too) just so that little bit around my shoulders would look nice with the blue and gold color scheme. If you look at the picture they took, you can tell I was wearing a dark shirt, but you have no idea what color. Oh, well.

Then I went to audition for the marching band, and after my parents talked to the director for quite some time about nostaglic stuff, I played a little bit of stuff for him, and got in. Yay! While I was in the office, one of the junior trumpeters called the director about something, and he asked if he wanted to speak to one of the new freshman trumpets (i.e., me). So, I chatted with the guy for a few minutes, he congratulated me, and I'll see him in August. That was about it.

So then we had quite a bit of actual programming for students after that. I met my advisor, and I have a 20-minute appointment at which we have to hammer out a schedule. It'll be rough, but fun. Then it's music placement tests in the afternoon so I can get a head start on a music minor.

That's about all the news from Pitt right now. We'll see what happens later.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on getting into the Pitt Band ~ like there was any doubt...

Lexi Elizabeth said...

that's really cool. i hope that you have fun in the band. i don't know if i'd want to do marching band in college, let alone make it if i tried out.

Laurel said...

I'm so excited my cousin timmy is going to college! I love you and I'll see you soon!
Luv ya all!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

How come I got messaged and imed and everything when I called you tim, but these two do it, and nothing happens. grrr :-P

Tim Parenti said...

Because they're related to me... and I'm starting to not really care.

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