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28 March 2007

Concert Announcement

I figured that since these are both public events, there'd be no harm in posting the following here. Plus it encourages people to actually visit this place I call my blog.

How convenient that my two major musical ensembles decided to schedule their spring concerts on the same day! Back-to-back! Less than a block away from one another!

University of Pittsburgh Symphonic Band Concert
Sunday, April 15, 2007, 1:00pm ET
Bellefield Hall Auditorium
315 South Bellefield Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

Heinz Chapel Choir Spring Concert
Sunday, April 15, 2007, 3:00pm ET
Heinz Memorial Chapel
Fifth and Bellefield Avenues, Pittsburgh, PA

Both events are free to the public; no tickets are required.

If any members of my family would like to meet up with me over a meal either before the band concert or after the choir concert, send me an email, and it can be arranged. Also, if you feel as though you'll be able to sit through one concert, but not both, then by all means, only go to one.

Any other questions? Post a comment here or email me, and I'll answer them. Thanks!

I'll have a real post somewhat soon.

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Tim Parenti said...

NOTE: Please note the location change for the Symphonic Band concert. Carnegie Music Hall could not be secured, so it will be held in the Bellefield Hall Auditorium, conveniently directly across Bellefield Avenue from the Heinz Memorial Chapel!

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