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30 March 2007

A Short Note

Apologies once again for this not being a real post.

I went to see Bethel Park High School's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie on Thursday, and let me tell everyone that it was awesome! I saw Laurel and Andrea performing, and got to talk to them during intermission as well as after the show. I also saw Jay on stage, and yes, I recognized him, although sadly, I didn't get to meet him.

But congratulations to everyone involved! I'll definitely come back next year!

The real reason for this "short note," however, is to alert my readers to the genesis of yet another blog, this one belonging to my aunt Barb, Laurel's mother. It's called "At the Front of My Mind," and she intends to use it to tell everyone just what is at the front of her mind. Most recently, it's her new van, which I got to ride in for a very short time after the musical. And it is very nice. I wonder what happened to the grape-flavored lollipop in the old van that was acting as a pin to hold the one window shut... Comments addressing this are welcome, as I am concerned for the welfare of this probably two-year-old and probably now-disgusting lollipop that was once sacrificed by a poor child who was ready to eat it in order to fix the van.

I guess I'm posting that link for two reasons: (1) to be fair, since I posted the link to Grandpa's, and (2) because I like her as an aunt. Not that I don't like the others. They just don't have blogs... ;)

CHEM exam first thing in the morning, which I'm studying for now as I type (albeit intermittently, or how would I have posted this?). Later in the day, I'll be going home for the weekend to see my brother in Beauty and the Beast on Saturday night.

And I'll just say it now: during April, my blogging will be sporadic at best. I'm anticipating lots of crap to just hit me all at once. Some of it I already know is coming. But I know there'll be more. I just have that feeling.

Until then, enjoy the rest of March, and have a happy April!


Miles C. said...

New name huh...Well, at least it's mixing things up.

Anonymous said...

I'll echo Tim's sentiments that "Thoroughly Modern Millie" was a wonderful production. Great Job, Laurel! I think I'll go post that on her blog, too...

I'm sorry I couldn't see David's play. I had my Hall China Convention this past weekend. All went well!

Good luck with finals in April, Tim!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to mention last week that I noticed you had changed your location from Girard, PA to Pittsburgh, PA. I guess you're really a city guy now.

Tim Parenti said...

Bev, I actually mentioned that in the "Recent News" section of my blog in the sidebar. But, yes, I figured most of the contents of my blog take place in Pittsburgh now, so at least until that changes, I'll consider the blog a Pittsburgh blog.

Tim Parenti said...

April Fools, Jay! The name was a very, very slight joke on my part. I'll have to do something bigger next year, when I'll actually have the time.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Barbara said...

We left the lollipop in the old van. Now the new owner can enjoy it.;) I did intend to remove it when we cleaned the van out but forgot. Thanks for the link and mention of my blog.

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