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04 April 2007

Dream 4

For the third time, I will get back to posting about my life shortly. And I mean it this time.

However, I've been putting off this continuation of the dream series for quite some time now. Much of this post has been sitting on Blogger's servers as a draft for nearly two months. It barely counts as a dream worth blogging about, but it will ultimately serve to explain something about me that tends to bug people (and frankly, I don't see why).

Dream 4: Why twenty-four?, evening of 05 February 2007

It had been a very tiring Monday, so I lay down to relax for a while. And then, somewhere, in that state between wakefulness and slumber...

It was my PHYS class. Apparently, we were all on a field trip with my professor, climbing the mountains of India. Which I guess means we were in northern India, seeing that most of it isn't all that mountainous.

And so there we were, a large bunch of us, hanging from a rope, walking up this mountain thing. Since I was only half-asleep, everything seemed extremely exaggerated, almost cartoon-like. So of course, for whatever reason, we can no longer go up the mountain via this rope.

Obviously it didn't break, or we would've fallen. Maybe we felt the rope give a little bit? I don't know. Whatever it was, that's not the point.

Even though our course material is on electricity and magnetism, our professor proceeded to go into Physics I teaching mode. She started talking about why there's too much tension in the rope and how to calculate the speed with which we would hit the ground should we let go or should the rope give completely. Remember, I'm having this dream in February, back when I didn't care for this professor at all, so after a while, there was a general uproar from the handful of students behind her, basically imploring her to quit lecturing and help us get out of this mess. And she did, all while continuing to help us conceptually grasp why we were to do as we were told.

"If you cry, the tears going down your face will lower your center of mass!"

"Stop wriggling; you're causing too much torque!"

And so on. It was quite annoying.

Somehow, we were able to finally reach the top of the mountain (which apparently wasn't all that far away)...

...Then I woke up. I rolled over and looked at my clock; it said 11:15. Crap. My PHYS lecture starts at 11:00 on Tuesdays. I panic slightly, get dressed, and gather my belongings in about 45 seconds flat. Then as I was heading out the door, I noticed something peculiar.

It was dark outside. It was actually 23:15, still Monday night.

And this is why I prefer using a 24-hour time system.

Random tangent: In case you haven't heard, Pitt has no Easter break. I know, it sucks, but I went home last weekend and celebrated slightly with my family (by playing Yahtzee with my parents). Besides, I already have my Easter candy down here. And on top of that, I've been loving the recent weather. Everyone looks so happy! Spring is here at last! Or at least it was before the slight flurries we had this evening. But still, it's been nice seeing people lazing about on the lawns in front of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial or behind the Petersen Events Center, and just generally having smiles plastered on their faces. It's quite refreshing, at least emotionally if nothing else.


Jim Baxter said...

Hi Tim,
I've had some pretty interesting dreams over the years also but your are particularly amusing. Barb and Mark and the girls just arrived so some of them will be reading the blog here also.

Grandpa B.

Edisto1913 said...

i had dream where me and Shane were fighting zombies in the cathedral, and finally we were about to be eaten, so we jumped off the roof, and as we were falling, we caught up with a guy who had jumped a little before us, and had a discussion about how this shouldn't have happened, and discussed the physics of our decent and how we should have reached terminal velocity by now and whatnot, and then we hit the ground and a little windows dialog box appeared asking "Live? [OK] [Cancel]"
I'm not sure the point of this other than, physics (and computers apparently) also work their way into my dreams and its always a little weird.

Tim Parenti said...

Haha. Too bad that discussion could only last 5.77 s in real life. That is, of course, if my kinematics are correct.

Of course, you could buy more time by jumping upward somewhat while taking the plunge, but we're talking a gain on the order of hundredths of seconds. Oh, well.

I like the whole Windows dialog box thing. Someone's been working in programming way too much lately.

But I knew it'd be bad when the dream started with Shane and his zombies. Silly zombies. Silly Shane.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i just wanted to say good luck with everything you're doing for english and stuff.

Tim Parenti said...

It's not even English, though. Which to some extent might even mean it's worse.

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