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25 April 2007

Bomb Threat

Just so that everyone is aware and not worried, there has been a bomb threat at Sutherland Hall. All residents, including me, were evacuated at approximately 14:00.

I didn't get to see that much of what was going on, but it appeared that they had bomb-sniffing dogs ready and all that stuff. Who knows when we'll be allowed back in?

For the time being, I've made my way down to lower campus to write this. The stark contrast between relative panic on upper campus and relative peace on lower campus is amazing, and mildly amusing. Nobody's totally free of stress because it's finals week, but people and their parents are moving out with laundry carts and all that down here, completely oblivious to the goings on up the hill. Although it's probably better that way.

I'm not particularly worried, but in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, no one can be too cautious. It's just that I still have to call that building home for the next five nights. Ugh.

This is not the kind of "bang" we were looking for. As if the stresses of finals weren't enough.


Laurel said...

I'm glad you are safe!

Tim Parenti said...

Update: We've all been let back in. Actually, it was probably a little while ago; I just was on lower campus doing other things, like going to the bank to deposit money, which I've been putting off for weeks.

Still, I'm not thrilled about the lost study time. If there are any further developments, I'll try to keep you posted as succinctly as possible, so as not to distract me any more.

Anonymous said...

Whoever pulled that stunt has no soul. To call in a bomb threat so soon after VT and during finals week? Souless.

Aside from you though, I heard nothing about it. There was no notice on Pitt's portal website or anything like that, which I have mixed feelings about. On the one hand I can see them not wanting to stress us out, but I'd still want to know.

And I still need a Tim hug.

Tim Parenti said...

In retrospect, at least they didn't do it at night, which would have cost gobs of students quite a bit of precious sleep time... and those with 08:00 exams would hate him/her the most.

But yes, I have mixed feelings about how it was handled. On the one hand, they got us out quickly, but on the other hand, we have public address alarm systems in these buildings, don't we? Why, then, did someone have to physically come up and bang on our doors?

In the post, I implied that there was panic up here. Not really so much, it was just that people were notably more on edge. Most people took it in stride, knowing it was just some kid who melted under the pressure of everything. But after writing this post at an email kiosk, I was walking through the Union and I saw a regular campus tour being given. It just so happens the guy was talking about campus safety.

I do wish people would've been alerted in a better manner. When I heard the banging, I almost whipped my door open and screamed... which would've been bad, 'cause then I'd've yelled at a policeman. Of course, under the circumstances, he'd probably have understood.

Tim Parenti said...

I also love how media outlets pick up on bomb threats at an elementary school, but it doesn't matter at a college. I guess in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, they're trying to play down potential copycats.

I also didn't realize that similar threats were going on at Bethel Park. This must be a phenomenon. A very bad phenomenon.

BabyGhost said...

You know what's sad?

Tons of these threats were made immediately AFTER Vtech.

We live in a very sad world.

Uncle Dave said...

A 19-year-old former student pulled a similar stunt at Gannon University yesterday, then claimed it was a joke. Fortunately, the police and DA were not amused. There are idiots among us!

Tim Parenti said...

Aah! I think I've figured it out.

There's more than one person who would read this blog who would refer to himself as Uncle Dave. So which one keeps commenting me? I think I know, but I'd like to know for sure.

Anonymous said...

A time honored tradition during finals week. Have there been any fire alarms pulled in the dorms? Another finals week "prank" that never seems to go away

Tim Parenti said...

And now my suspicions have been confirmed.

No fire alarms this year. Allegedly one got pulled last term in the West wing, but we didn't hear anything over here. 'Cause, you know, it's not like the two wings are connected or anything.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

what is with pittsburgh? soon there's gonna be a whole city bomb threat where they evacuate everybody. jeez.

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