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22 April 2007

Term 2074 Finals and More

My last finals week post was quite strictly about finals, but I guess the weeks leading up to finals weren't all that bad in comparison to what I dealt with this time around. So I didn't have that much to write about then, but I do now. But first, the necessary schedule and disclaimer: It's time for me to go back into my little shell... again. And this is why:

Nothing on Monday, which is nice compared with the killer ones I've had all semester. I'm not too thrilled, however, about the MATH/CHEM combo Wednesday night and early Thursday (yes, noon is early). PHYS on Tuesday should by far be the easiest. Also, you'll notice the little thing in the corner under Friday; that's a 7-10 page paper for PS that's due at 12:00. It's just that since it's not an exam, it doesn't have a definite time span, you know? The prompt:

Some studies of presidential influence with Congress... claim that presidential success or failure depends on personal ability or lack thereof. Other examinations... emphasize the role of factors in the political and institutional environment, factors over which the president has little or no control. Using your thorough command of the course materials, indicate your position on this controversy....

I'm pretty sure my position is going to end up being that both are important, although maybe not equally so. We have a list of 11 different realms of political "interaction" to consider while writing the paper, and we're supposed to integrate them to come up with our response. I don't think it should be all that bad; I just have to take extra special care to set aside time amidst all the studying for CHEM, which is really having me a bit worried.

So after 12:00 on Friday 27 April, I'll be done. But beyond that, I have to stick around in Pittsburgh to play for commencement on Sunday 29 April. Then the morning of Monday 30 April, the symphonic band will be leaving for a short two-gig tour in New Jersey. I'll return to Pittsburgh the afternoon of Wednesday 02 May, and depending on exactly when we get back, I'll be at home either later that day or the next.

Now I told you in my last post that I had the feeling I'd forgotten something important. Well guess what? I did. A few of you already know this, but our band director, Jack Anderson, was honored by the National Council of ΚΚΨ at the concert last weekend with the Distinguished Service to Music Medal in the Marching Band category, a very high honor indeed. And he totally deserves it.

My Aunt Barb was also recognized last weekend by the ΚΔ sorority for which she's been a long-time advisor. This one I sort of knew about, and I'm sure she's very deserving of this honor as well, though I don't have a personal basis on which to judge her positive influence on sorority life. Sorry, Barb.

And then on top of all these people being honored, I found an article today for all of my relatives who are Pitt band alumni about the owners of Camp Kon-O-Kwee. So there.

Just so you guys know, I don't have any definite summer plans. I hope to find some sort of a reasonable job within a reasonable distance of home that pays reasonably well. On the side, I'll be continuing work on redoing my high school band's website, as practices for their 2007 season have already started! Wow. Since I won't be busy with schoolwork, I'll have a bit more energy to devote to insane coding... or at least, that's the idea.

A couple weeks ago, I fixed a major problem I'd had with the sidebar feature of the new site for over two months. I just had a "Eureka!" moment, flipped two lines of code, and voilà!, it was working. It turns out that databases have to be opened before you can reference their contents. Corey will stay in Pittsburgh for the summer, so he'll have to keep me straight via email and instant messenger.

The only other thing I can think of is that I'm applying to be a counselor at Music Camp, which would keep me busy from 07-14 July. But that's about it.

So now I think I've covered everything. If not, it'll have to wait until Saturday, or perhaps a quick blurb in the comments section. Until then, have a great week everyone!

Random tangent: The weather this weekend has been phenomenal. Right now, it's warmer outside than it is in my room, and that hasn't happened it quite a while. Hopefully I get a chance to enjoy it some more today!


Lexi Elizabeth said...

miss procrastinator here to comment on your blog.

finals are bleh.

my summer is sooo busy. like omg. i'll post about it (not now i have a paper!)


alrighty, good luck on finals!

ps. music camp sounds fun.

BabyGhost said...

Ouch. 4 tests?

That sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim! Good luck with finals and your paper. I agree, the music camp stint sounds great!

I didn't see you mention in the blog, but you may be too busy studying and thinking about the paper.... are you interested in the Pirates Game where Scott is singing the national anthem this Friday? I have two tickets for you and a friend, so just let me know ASAP. Thanks!

Tim Parenti said...

Stint? That makes it sound like a long stretch; it's just a week.

I don't typically conduct business through blog comments (don't you have my email address?), but yes, I'm still interested in the tickets for 27 April. I'll call you tomorrow as well.

Anonymous said...

I did e-mail you about the game on 16 April, but no reply... until your call, prompted by this comment. So, it worked. See you tomorrow!

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