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14 May 2007

Happy Birthday, Bloggy!

Yup. Randomness turned two years old today.

It's almost unbelievable that it's been two whole years, but when I think of all that's happened in my life since my first post, it makes a lot of sense. So in celebration of this wonderful day in the life of my precious "Bloggy," I've cooked up a little cyber-cake for everyone to enjoy. Dig in.

Now that people beyond my family actually read this regularly, it makes blogging more worthwhile, at least for me. Randomness received 59% more visits during its second year compared with its first. Not that readers are all that makes me blog (although each of you is special). But it definitely helps, since this is the longest-running journal-type thing I've ever had. Ever. And believe me, I had tried countless times before this. All it took was a little nudge to get me going, and a few more to keep me going. And it didn't even have anything to do with Laurel's blog, which is six days older in terms of the date of the first post.

Anyway, here I am, continuing the tradition of writing posts that have "nothing to do with anything," or at least very little. Honestly, go back and look at some of my posts from the first few months and see how much this blog has changed. There are reasons for some of the changes; others just happened. But I'm still here, and I intend to stay for quite some time.

And since it's my blog's birthday, it's about that time of year when everyone else's comes up, too. At least the original four of us: Andrea's blog will turn two on 03 June, and Jay's will on 18 June. Laurel's blog already passed the two-year mark since its first post on 08 May 2005, an anniversary that conveniently became Andrea Day in 2006. I wonder if anyone noticed that before... not that I'm accusing anyone of foul play, because I'm sure it was accidental. I mean, there're only so many days in a year...

So celebrate, because the birthdays of blogs in this somewhat close-knit circle means one thing: summer is near. And with summer could possibly come a rebirth to some blogs, no?

Looking forward to posts and comments in celebration...

Random tangent: Tuesday 15 May is the primary election here in Pennsylvania; I must remember to vote. Also, no word yet on the job front, but I'm definitely making some phone calls Tuesday.


Unknown said...

pft. silly blogger and your words and anniversary days.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the reminder to vote, Tim! Although I haven't forgotten before, I hadn't thought about it yet today.

Keep us blogged about your job situation. Music camp will be great, too!

Il grande chef said...

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