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23 May 2007

Happy BPRD!

For those who didn't already hear, for those who forgot, and for those who just don't care whatsoever, today is the second annual International Blog Post Remembrance Day (BPRD). We certainly set the bar, albeit rather low, with last year's festivities, which weren't all that great: a short, silly post on my blog and three others (1,2,3). But then, what can you expect from a made-up holiday?

BPRD was declared specifically in memory of a very long blog post which was lost in May 2006 due to an error in the post-saving process. Back then, Blogger's only method for recovering posts was a tiny little-known link shoved off to a corner, which used only a cookie stored on the user's computer to retrieve small amounts of text, but it wasn't enough to save such a long post.

This year, BPRD is overshadowed somewhat by a new feature that Blogger that effectively ends the lost blog post dilemma. Now, the full text of posts in progress is sent to Blogger's servers regularly as a draft so that posts are never lost.

Obviously, this is a good thing. A very good thing. It just means that the main impetus for BPRD is no longer valid. And it didn't help that the new feature was just unveiled last Thursday, giving people like me practically no time to revamp the scope of the holiday.

So what can we do?

Observe it anyway, of course! At least this year. After that, I'll have quite a while to change things around or decide to do away with it altogether. And in light of the recent developments, BPRD this year will be more celebratory than anything.

So remember today those posts that have been lost, and give thanks that no more will meet the same fate. I can finally wish everyone a "happy" BPRD. Enjoy.

Later this week, I'll post on developments in my life, rather than those in the blogosphere.


BabyGhost said...

oh that's pretty sweet

Anonymous said...

OK, happy bprd, or whatever... just let us know your job situation!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

sorry i've been too lazy to sign in to cmment but i'll comment now!

i wonder if we've got any other "holidays" that now don't apply to us. but i don't remember all the ones we've come up with ('cept for andrea day, of course)

Tim Parenti said...

I don't know. I haven't been getting near as much spam lately, but that's a good thing.

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