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01 August 2007

Camp Pictures

First, my apologies for not updating. At first, I was engrossed in the book, then I came to the realization that summer's almost over, so I have to wrap up my little pet projects... which, unfortunately meant at one point doing a complete coding overhaul to a website I was working on. Then I started playing with my new camera, and here we are, on this day I like to call "the first of août." I just think the name is so cute.

Finally, I've picked the camp pictures I'm going to show to you, for the most part. The main problem was that I don't have photo releases for the campers. The camp does, but not me. And I don't want to open that potential can of worms, so I'm going to leave the campers out of it for now.

But my campers were sooooo cute! So if you get the chance, ask and I'll show the other pictures to you. Or maybe I'll go around asking for the necessary permissions. But probably not, so you'll just have to imagine.

Anyway, I've uploaded 37 photos to Flickr. The photostream begins here. Enjoy.

Random tangent: Wisdom teeth out this coming Monday... eek! Just over two weeks until I pack up for Pittsburgh again. See you all then!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures were cool. Took me back to when I went to Camp Lambec. Can't wait to hear more stories!

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