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07 August 2007

VRD, or Not

I'm writing today because it's technically Visit Randomness Day, and it would be a shame if I didn't celebrate it. I know, I said I was going to scrap that holiday and come up with something different, but I didn't get around to it; maybe next year.

The thing is, because of all the emails I sent out last night to my family and friends regarding my recovery from my wisdom tooth surgery, I've had 40 visitors on Randomness today.

I'm still quite surprised at how well I've been doing. Today was the first time I could "legally" brush my teeth since the surgery, and despite my being afraid that I would "break" something, I was able to be careful enough that it didn't hurt at all. I only had to take two doses of ibuprofen today, too! I'm quite amazed!

Other than that, all is going well here. The plumber came and finished installing our sinks which finally arrived for the new bathroom. My brother actually started reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's been raining a lot today, too. Oh, well. It looks like the weather will be pretty decent tomorrow night for zucchini sneaking!


Lexi Elizabeth said...

i think i visited three times yesterday. two or three. :-\ i'm glad the tooth thing is working out okay. My new co-worker is getting hers out tomorrow (well, today?), so i told her i had a friend who just got theirs out. hope you don't mind me mentioning you. :-P

Tim Parenti said...

Of course I don't mind, Andrea. Hopefully you put her mind at ease about it!

Jim Baxter said...

We're glad your extractions went so well Tim and I hope VRD day is well recognized :-)

Grandpa B.

Barbara said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and I love the picture of you being Caesar Rodney. I wish I could have seen you in "1776" it is one of my favorites.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

just an update: apparently her wisdom teeth didn't give her as much of an easy time as yours. she's really struggling. :( they actually took her back to the .....wahtever the doctor/dentist is called that does the surgery and had to get it examined or something.

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