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04 January 2024

Three Dozen

Today, three dozen years into my life, I had a rather dissonant day.

I started hopeful and productive, then got a bit overwhelmed as I'd set out to do perhaps a bit too much and was developing a headache, then I really needed a nap, then I woke to lots of birthday messages from friends and family, then I felt worse and worse until I decided to take another test.

Yup.  That cold I picked up the other day appears to actually be Covid.  The juror summons I got for my 31st birthday was a better gift!

I'm trying to not let it diminish my spirits, though, even if it's diminishing my faculties at the moment.  I am blessed to have gotten the most important stuff done and to be able to dedicate more time to resting, which my body will need.

So enough with the blogging.  I've hit my limit and am going to bed.  Happy birthday to me.


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