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27 May 2005


This will be one of my shorter posts. No particular reason, it's just that this topic doesn't exactly lend itself to oodles of words.

Recently, one of my classmates came into class with something to show us: her finger (ooh, interesting). It was the tip of her finger that was the object of this impromptu show-and-tell. She had just discovered that branded into it were two letters: "TO." She had no idea when this could have happened, and nobody knew the significance of the letters. I pointed out that if her finger said "TO," the original object must have said "OT." I asked to see the adjacent finger, and she showed it to us.

Branded into it was the "H" that I had been expecting.

Yes, that's right. Go ahead and laugh. The item she touched had read, "HOT" in nice, big capital letters. And yet she burnt herself nonetheless (how mindless can you get?). Just a taste of some of the people I deal with every day.


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