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18 May 2005

Losing the Phone Book

This is a very busy week. Two concerts, a prom, and a party, with homework (and trying to start up a decent blog) on the side. It doesn't work; something's gotta give.

One of my old friends since preschool (who has since moved to Virginia) was in town Sunday. I was told she'd be up at about 14:30 at her best friend's house; she would call me when she came. Well, by 15:30 I still hadn't gotten called. Maybe she was running late. So I took a nice, long nap, eagerly awaiting the phone call.

Knock, knock. It was 18:30 and my parents were at my door. She was at my house. Where had she been? At her friend's house for three and a half hours! Apparently, she couldn't find my phone number (or maybe she just lost the phone book). So, my friend was rushing back to her sister's house and I was on the way. Yay. Three and a half minutes isn't three and a half hours, though. And I wasn't even doing anything important (who needs sleep?). Oh, well. I'm a little disappointed, but hey, we're all human.

Gotta go—the spring concert is tomorrow night, and I can't be zonking out during my solos (or is it "soli"?)! But, of course, certain people will be zonking out anyways—the new Star Wars movie comes out in less than an hour.


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