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19 December 2005

As for Why

As for why it's been so long since I posted, look no further than bell choir, Academic Decathlon, and the like. Once I was in a lull between activities, I had only the Christmas concert on 15 December to worry about. With that out of the way, I did a major winter update for the Girard High School Music Department website, and I nearly finished the Rice Avenue Community Public Library website, which will likely go up tomorrow.

Then, some things have come up in my personal life recently. Saturday night, I heard some things that hit me so hard I cried myself to sleep. But I'm getting over it, and this is probably a good way to do so.

So that's why it's been so long...but enough about that, I've got to actually write something!

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Miles C. said...

Awe...I'm sorry...Do you know what's very helpful? Cry to the world on your blog. It always makes me feel better knowing that everyone is there for me.

You can always talk to me.

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