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19 December 2005

Dream 1

I had a rather weird dream last Tuesday night. As such, I decided to tell you about it, and make a sort of series out of this and future dreams that strike me as interesting. So here we go:

Dream 1: Holiday Welcome Mat, night of 13-14 December 2005

Well, first of all, this dream was set in the present. One night, probably about 23:00, in this dream, I was walking down my road, talking to myself (which I actually do a helps me sort things out) . There was not a flake of snow on the ground and it was clearly December, as there was a Christmas tree visible through my neighbor's window.

Well, apparently my neighbor from across the street (who is a junior) overheard what I was saying to myself, because he was sitting on his porch (which he doesn't even really have).

The next morning, he came over to visit me (which he never does, nor I to him). Interestingly enough, both of our houses were abnormally larger than they actually are. As a mentioned earlier, he had a front porch, which he doesn't really have. Also, instead of a downward-sloping hill in my backyard, I had an upward-sloping hill in my frontyard, so that my house was above the street by a good four or five feet.

Anyways, my neighbor came over and stepped on our holiday welcome mat. Some sort of festive word of about five letters was printed in the middle of the mat...maybe "jolly." He saw this, excused himself, and he ran across the street back to his house. He came back with a nearly identical welcome mat, except the festive word printed in the middle had about eleven or twelve letters all squished together. We laughed (I don't know why).

I invited him into my house, which looked completely different on the inside, like one that you might find in Better Homes & Gardens magazine. We talked for a while, and I realized that he came over because he overheard me talking about my problems. It turned out that he had similar problems, and thought that if we were friends, we could work on them together.

After a while, he had to leave, but he promised to come back again, and that our friendship would last. As he left, my attention somehow was drawn to a large painting of a green apple on a sky blue background that was hanging to the left of the entryway. It was a Van Gogh.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

wow. what a strange dream. like, really strange. and you pay attention to so much detail. it's amazing. are you going to do anything about the kid? the junior who you aren't friends with? or are you just going to accept that this is a dream and you guys are not like ever going to get together?

Miles C. said...

Uhh, yeah thats weird. But then again, I was the one who created a computer virus that came out of the computer, killed all of Bethel before I stopped pretending I was dead and killed it with a shotgun.

So who am I to say who has weird dreams?

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