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31 December 2005

What the Future Brings

Twelve years ago this month, a box arrived at my house. It looked like a cow; it must have come from some weird, distant company. Inside was a brand new computer, complete with Windows 3.1! I mean, what more could you expect from a company called Gateway 2000? They were so futuristic, they even put some far-off year in their name!

Now that we're on the verge of 2006, it all seems so silly. The year 2000 never really was that far away...and yet Gateway decided they'd use it to make them sound cooler. Needless to say, Gateway decided to drop the whole Y2K thing shortly thereafter...

But about 2006. For almost my entire life, June 2006 has been the endpoint of any long-range plans I have had. And now, with graduation a little more than five months away, I really have to start thinking beyond that point.

Honestly, as 2005 wanes, I hope 2006 will bring some exciting "firsts" into my life. I don't know what they'll be, but I'm really hoping they'll be fun.

And just so nobody asks, I have applied to colleges; I'm just waiting to hear from all of them before I make a decision. (Hopefully that will be soon.)

So, here's wishing everybody the happiest of new years!


Miles C. said...

Happy New Year!

Stephen Lewis said...

okay, it's after midnight, i can officially say this... my computer is seven years, ten months old today. (*proud smile)

happy new year, all

Stephen Lewis said...

wow... i just realized, now that i've gone back to school, that the new computers that every teacher now uses in our school... is a gateway 2000. cheapo school district grande...

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