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10 February 2006

Day 100

Yesterday was the 100th day of school here at Girard High, which means one thing: only 80 left! And it's not even really 80 because that figure includes parent-teacher conferences and all half-days as if they were whole.

Oh, yeah, and yesterday was also my cousin Laurel's birthday. Happy birthday.


Stephen Lewis said...

yeah, today was the 101th day here... and i totally didn't even realize the big 100 passed until someone mentioned it today. did anyone else actually celebrate the 100th day way back when? back in elementary school, 100th day was the event. you always brought in 100 of some object, and you did different activities for 100 seconds...

Tim Parenti said...

Funny... when I checked the email that said I had a new comment, Google served up an ad pointed here.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

stop updating! i can't keep up! :-P
happy 100th

Tim Parenti said...


Happy 100th to you, too.

Dana Sebastian said...

Congrats! happy 100th :)

~Dana@College Reine Marie

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