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06 February 2006

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Note: This is a bit more difficult to post after reading Andrea’s post of 29 January regarding her lack of ideas for her blog, but I came up with this idea before that, so I am posting it nonetheless. My heartfelt apologies go out to Andrea and here’s hoping more aspects of her life become blogworthy.

This is post number 33 on this blog. This post is simply to tell you that I have enough ideas for posts to take me straight to number 46. And of course, if I have another weird dream or I come across more difficult sites, those will get thrown in the mix as well. The only problem is, I don’t have enough time to write them or, in some cases, to do the little bits of work necessary for them to achieve full-post status. Nevertheless, here is a taste of what I have planned:

  • Mmm... bacon!
  • Soups the Greeks eat
  • Something dealing with “43383”
Obviously, this is not meant to replace your readership of this blog for the next few months. It’s just to let you know that I am thinking of posts, but between my busy schedule and personal struggles I’m having right now, I can’t get around to it much. So now you have something to look forward to. If you think you can figure any of these riddles out, go ahead and try. If you succeed in guessing one before it gets posted, you win a chunk of recognition, in a size to be determined.

If you would have asked me in October if I had any such ideas for this blog, I would have flatly said no. As I said then, nothing much worth blogging goes on in my life during fall term.

P.S.: There is a distinct possibility that this blog will practically fall off the face of the earth in March; between Region Band, Region Choir, two academic competitions, a three-hour math contest, and the Marching Band’s trip to Florida, I’ll be missing a lot of school. As such, I’ll have a lot of work to be catching up on. Regardless, my blogging should pick back up in April.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

you mentioned me!!!!!!!
you're only on post number 33?!?!?!? i'm on like 149 or something. haha. but most of my posts are pointless and three words or something. i'm not even going to try to understand what on earth you'd be talking about when saying "43383". weirdo :-P
you wouldn't be the first blog to fall off the face of the earth. my other one, which i've all but deleted, is totally done with.
but i'm glad you have ideas. that's always good. :-D

Stephen Lewis said...

i don't know how many blogs i've had fall off the face of the earth... at least three... one was good for all of three posts (which i still have saved on my computer), and the other two didn't make it past the first post. all i know is that with my blog, i just do it when i can. i've gone a whole month without an idea before. i've gone a whole month without any computer access before. just know that whatever happens, people will still check daily for it, waiting to hear anything you have to say.

if you build it, they will come...

Laurel said...

I make myself post a lot, I feel I lose ppl coming...but o well u r busy, keep up the great posts when u can i love reading them and the next ones sound interesting!

Luv ya all!

Miles C. said...

"if you build it, they will come..."


Whatever you post about, I'll read it. I don't care if it is entirely RANDOM

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