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17 February 2006

Friday the Seventeenth

Well, Friday the Seventeenth came and went, and nothing major happened. Yay.

Maybe it was because I didn't have any school?


Lexi Elizabeth said...

? what a weirdo. :-P friday the seventeenth was a horrible day for me, but oh well. i don't see a big deal about it??? unlike friday the thirteenth. but, i don't make a big deal about that either.

Miles C. said...

OH NO TJ'S NOT POSTING LETS HASSLE HIM UNTIL HE FINALLY POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tim Parenti said...

Enough, Jay. Don't worry, though. This has just been a rough week at school. I should* have another post or two by the end of the month.

*Note deliberate word usage here.

Stephen Lewis said...

i thought to myself, "oh great, once or twice before the end of the month..."
but it's february...
and the 24th, for that matter...

okay, i'll buy that!

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