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06 July 2006


I must say, I believe this is my first true experience with blogging in the middle of the night. No, posts I've made around 00:00 or 06:00 don't count; those times are either end of the night. This is true nighttime, and it feels good.

Actually, I'm not really feeling like an insomniac tonight. I actually am fairly tired. I just felt like writing right now. My brother got online at a decent hour and played Runescape until midnight. That was when my turn online started. So to those of my friends who've gotten phantom comments on their blogs at odd hours today, I apologize. They'll still be in your inbox when you're awake enough to read them.

So where to start? Well, I guess I'd better apologize. First, to my Canadian readers for not acknowledging Canada Day until 03 July. Secondly, to my American readers (just about everyone else), for leaving the image of the Canadian flag prominently displayed on my homepage for the duration of 04 July, our Independence Day, as well as all of 05 July. Sorry; I was out of town! Besides, back in February, this site boasted the flag of New Zealand for a little more than 48 hours. I figured that the Canadians, being our neighbors to the north, deserved their fair shot, too. But now it's time to honor my own country, so this flag is for all of you people who think I'm unpatriotic. Oh, yeah, and to honor the good old United States, too.

Which brings up several good points. Why do we call ourselves Americans, when technically, we are just as American as Canadians or Brazilians? Is it that we're just so proud of ourselves, we assume the identity of two whole continents, or is it just that "United Stater" isn't as eloquent? I don't think anyone knows for sure, but I'm betting on the latter (although the former probably isn't that far off).

Anyway, a little subtraction proves that this country is 230 years old. And it doesn't look a day over that, although by now it is by two. But that is an especially important milestone because it is 23 decades. And in case you haven't picked up on it yet, I like the number 23. So happy 23 decades, America! My hat goes off to you (that is, if I were wearing a hat)!

Going off on a completely random tangent, I've noticed that my posts have been a lot more random lately. Which I guess, is good, because this blog is, after all, called Randomness. And I guess Jay said a while back that he'd read whatever I write, no matter how random. Funny, though, he hasn't commented me in nearly three weeks (hint, hint). But I think I'm getting the hang of this whole spontaneous writing thing (finally) after 73 posts. Yes, Andrea, only 73, not some ridiculous three-digit number like you.

Music Camp starts on Sunday. I can't wait. Hopefully they won't serve meals buffet-style like last year. But I'll still love it there no matter what, even if my little brother (who's going with me for the first time) gets on my nerves a little bit. I mean, come on; that's practically his job!

Apparently our newspaper gets delivered at 03:15. I just heard the sound of someone opening our screen door and placing an item behind it. It kind of freaked me out, but it's been a while since I've stayed up this late.

Which reminds me, I said I was tired. So I'm going to bed before I get more tired; I've got a long enough day ahead of me as it is.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

I only have a ridiculously random three digit post number because of last summer, when i posted a whole whole lot. And even though I'm not posting as much, it's still a lot more than you post.

And I really really love waking up and seeing that I've gotten comments after Alli kicked me off the computer. haha.

I didn't celebrate the fourth on my blog either, haha. I was a little busy. :D

Miles C. said...

I wasn't even here for a week and a half.

and i was uhh...sleeping...for the other week and a half...

Really. I was.

Stephen Lewis said...

i've noticed that when i'm awake late late late at night and i'm with other people, i get really incoherent. it's quite amazing. i've been on school trips where you get back in five in the morning, and been awake until two-thirty. this is why i always take catchphrase on trips... word association games are twenty times more fun when you're incoherent. you say the strangest things. it's almost like being drunk. not that i'd know.

i deliver newspapers, and i think the newspapers get to my house at about 3:00. then i wake up at about 5 and usually have it delivered by 6. and while we're on the subject, let me just throw this out into the open: you know how the paperboy is always riding a bicycle and throwing newspapers on peoples' porches? total bull. one of the worst stereotypes ever.
i have never seen or met any paperboy who chucks the paper for a living (and yes, i have met other paperboys from other areas). people have boxes that the newspaper is specifically supposed to go in. (or screen doors, tj as exhibit A.)

i know that was never mentioned, but i just had to vent it.

Laurel said...

I'm normally up late, normally even later than now, when I am leaving this comment, I don't find late-night comments odd lol.

Luv ya all!

Laurel said...

How was Music Camp...I know you haven't written about it yet...but still I expect a post when I get back from vaca. Hope the concert went well!

Luv ya all!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

you changed your bulletin thingy. how dare you.

Tim Parenti said...

Ow. I didn't realize my sidebar had disappeared. Totally random error... I guess I was experimenting too much.

I'm only online for about ten minutes right now; if it's something I can figure out in that time, I'll get it back up. If not, just be patient... there's really nothing important there, anyway!

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