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28 July 2006

A Not So Impromptu Proclamation

Well, I’m not using my 75th post to write about camp, although I probably should; so there. Reread last year’s post if you’re really that bored. And I’m spending the weekend locked in a church basement for a youth retreat, so you won’t get it until at least Monday. But I might wait until Tuesday; you’ll see why.

Now, you may have thought that my last proclamation was going to be the only one. Oh, no. Although International Blog Post Remembrance Day is very important, it was a spur-of-the-moment holiday created because of the loss of one particular post. But rest assured, BPRD will be observed again next May, provided that I remember, which I more than likely will.

But this is the proclamation of the holiday that I mentioned I would create back in April. It is a “not so impromptu” proclamation in the regard that I've been planning it for months now. And the time has now come to announce it.

A Proclamation by the Author of Randomness

On 29 August 2005, for no apparent reason, except maybe in part due to the addition of a post that to this day remains my favorite, Randomness had 53 visitors in one calendar day, setting a record that has not yet been broken. Such a record should be celebrated, but it cannot be allowed to stand forever. So in an effort to break the record, but also in celebration of Randomness and its past visitors, a holiday is needed.

However, 29 August, being the second day of Pitt's academic term, is a ridiculously inconvenient time for me to celebrate this. In addition, other people would be in the full swing of their own back-to-school transitions, and would not want to celebrate it on this date.

THEREFORE, I, "TJ," author of Randomness, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the fact that I write this blog, do hereby proclaim the first day of August 2006, as well as the first Tuesday of August in all years thereafter as Visit Randomness Day. I plan to mark this unofficial holiday by blogging in a celebratory manner. I ask that my readers celebrate by visiting Randomness, reading its posts, and commenting on them, as well as by encouraging others to do the same.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-eighth day of July, in the year of our Lord two thousand six, and of this blog the second.

Yes, I just created a holiday solely for the promotion of my blog. More may come. Deal with it.


Laurel said...

Tim!, Okay first of all I promise not to copy this one. But really, that just made me not want to come to your blog on that day! I might come the day after to be different though. :-) Or maybe I'll visit that day because I'll be in erie then and you'll probably tell me to a million times :-P

Luv ya all!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

sorry i haven't been on the computer or even home lately. i have been visiting this site for the past like three days trying to read this post, nad i keept getting distracted or interupted and stuff.

i have a feeling you are not ever going to write about camp, because it was so long ago. am i correct?

Tim Parenti said...

Of course I'll write about camp... that's why I created this holiday: as an excuse to write!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

so i'm not going to be home tomorrow, at all. 'cept maybe way early in the morning, :( and then i won't have computer until thursday night. :'(

i know all you guys are going to miss me, and i know i'm going to miss all of you, plus my computer, so we all should mourn this loss. hehehe.

i'm a little random right now.

i think your blog is affecting me in not to good of ways...

Tim Parenti said...

Aw, Andrea, that's disappointing. Just try to give me a hit early in the morning. Or even right after midnight! That counts, too!

And of course randomness is good. It's what makes the world go round.

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