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01 August 2006


Yay! Today, as defined by my 28 July proclamation, is Visit Randomness Day! So a big thank you goes to the 3 people who have visited my site thusfar today, one of whom was me. Haha. We're well on our way to beating 53!

Anywho, this is my first post of the day...and of the month. I intend to keep blogging throughout a good portion of the day so that you might be enticed to keep coming back. And it will be totally random. Which is appropriate because this blog is, after all, called Randomness.

So happy August to everybody! We're celebrating the eighth annual Cousin Club Fun Week this week. It's a week when all of my out-of-town cousins come up to Girard and spend the week at my grandmother's house so that they can hang out with all of the in-town cousins. And we do all sorts of activities. Today we're going to the movies because it's so dang hot.

And that's about it; it's time for lunch now, so I've gotta get upstairs or there will be nothing left! More posts to come!

3 down, 50 to go... and 11 hours, 8 minutes left!


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