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09 August 2006


Only nine or ten cans. It's the last thing that's left from my graduation party. And don't get me all worked up about how it's called pop. Yes, I know that "pop" is the more popular terminology throughout western Pennsylvania, western New York, and all of Ohio (proof). Don't call me names just because in this case, I'm siding with the preferences of California, St. Louis, and New England. At least I'm not calling it a "Coke" like most of the South. Because most of what's left is actually Pepsi.

I probably actually call carbonated beverages "pop" more often in conversation, but when I'm writing in a semi-formal tone for a blog such as this, I feel that "soda" is more civilized. Feel free to disagree, just as long as you do it silently, without any words, and on your own time.

But the fact that soda is all that's left also means that I have no thank you notes left. I've handwritten and sent all 80 of them. And people thought my little "averaging five a day" plan wouldn't work. Ha!

I was able to do seven ahead of time because people sent me stuff well before my actual party on 1 July. Then, once I got sick on 19 July, and realized that I had better get them done, I just tackled the list in the order I opened the cards. Once I had 30 (one sheet of address labels), I sent them out. And the last ones went out Tuesday afternoon. Yay!

So now I can focus on more important things, like actually getting ready for college. Packing. Eek!


Stephen Lewis said...

i've found that the usage of soda or pop changes depending on context. obviously, there's jones soda, and faygo redpop. those are brand names. but i've found myself more often refer to cans of pop and soda bottles.

Stephen Lewis said...

this probably isn't true, but did you intentionally name the last two posts (in order) "grape" "soda"?

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i call it pop, but i don't usually care if people call it soda unless i'm making fun of them. college is fun, by the way. you'll really like it. i know i did.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i went to college with laurel for three days :D hehe. 'cept it wasn't really college. so i can't truly say it's fun, but i can pretend i know what i'm talking about...right? :-P

Stephen Lewis said...

i spent a night with a friend at college once. i think i got the completely wrong impression of it though... because i enjoyed it. like it was a night intended to show the fun times of college. (although he did work a bit on an assignment before he went to bed.)

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