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01 August 2006

Further Randomness

So I'm writing about practically nothing at all, just because I told everyone I'd write today and I'm trying to make it worth everyone's effort to show up to this site.

My cousin is boycotting my site today. So that's horrible. In fact, she was just writing for her own blog right now! So maybe tomorrow should be Boycot Laurel's Blog Day. Just kidding. I'd never do anything like that to my cousin.

Although something that I just discovered that bothered me was that after going since 25 July 2005 without having a day with 0 hits, that's just what happened on 17 July 2006. So a 356-day streak got ruined; almost a year. Oh, well.

My little brother absolutely hates that Ford commercial with Taylor Hicks. He finds the "Possibilities" song so annoying he turns off the television every time it comes on, and he groans loudly if he accidentally turns it back on before the commercial is over. Him hating the annoying commercial is more annoying than the commercial itself!

He was so glad at the end of July because I read the fine print on the commercial that said "Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 7/31/06." That would mean that starting today, they'd have no reason to air it any longer.

Wrong. Apparently car companies like advertising some of their sales for a few days after they're done to see if they can sucker some extra people into buying without telling them the deal is off. Those darn salesmen!

This is probably my last post of the day, because I've got to go home soon, and I've practically been online all day. So I won't be able to get online there because it wouldn't make sense. Whatever.

Visit Randomness Day Update: 13 down, 40 to go... and 2 hours, 9 minutes to do it. Wow, this totally didn't work. Not that I was expecting anything stellar. Thanks anyway to the people who did visit; not Laurel!


Laurel said...

I told you I would visit the day after, and I am. I kept to my word.

Luv ya all!

Tim Parenti said...

Boo, boo, boo to you!

Stephen Lewis said...

so what was the final tally?

Stephen Lewis said...

oh, 15. missed that. but i definitely checked at least twice over the course of the day (maybe three times, i can't remember)... were you shooting for 50-some different visitors, or 50-some visits?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that your little bother is way more annoying when he makes a big deal out of stupid stuff then just hearing the stupid stuff. The end product is something stupid repeated over and over, and is five times wrose then the original annoying factor. Key word is that it is monotonous.

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