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07 August 2006


First of all, before I start, let me extend warm thanks to the 15 people who visited Randomness on Tuesday for Visit Randomness Day. And let me withdraw all thanks from those who intentionally boycotted my site on the same day. I love you, too.

Now, when I do errands around town I typically ride my bike. And if I have something to take with me, I get a plastic grocery bag, put the things in, and hang it from the handlebars. So I did just that this morning, as I had to go to my high school for something regarding a scholarship. I put the appropriate paperwork in the plastic bag, and lo and behold, there was a grape already in the bag!

Apparently, when my mom last bought grapes (which must have been fairly recently), one grape detached itself from the bunch in transit from the grocery store to our house. And so my mom put away the bunch of grapes, didn't notice the lone grape escapee, and put the bag in the bag pile with the rest of them.

Needless to say, I grabbed a different bag.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

that was a waste of life. laurel and i both agree you're weird. and pointless. and random...but then again that's the point, right?

and she loves you too.

Tim Parenti said...

Indeed. That is the point.

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