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19 July 2006


Okay. I know that everyone is dying to hear about camp, but the fact is I'm too tired to write about it now. In fact, I'm too tired to do just about anything except lie in bed and type this on my calculator. The reason is, as the title suggests, because I'm sick. Not the disgusting vomit-y kind of sick... more like immense fatigue with a fever attached.

It started yesterday afternoon, although obviously I didn't notice it at the time. I had biked to my grandmother's house, where we discussed preparations for our annual Fun Week with the cousins. Afterwards, as I got on my bike to ride home, I was overcome by exhaustion. I thought little of it, though, as it had been a fairly long ride there.

I then went with my father and brother to the Erie SeaWolves baseball game for Church Night. On the way, we stopped at Lowe's (of all places) for something, and when I stood up to get out of the car, I got dizzy, and that's when the headache came on. It's been throbbing ever since.

Nevertheless, I survived amongst people screaming, "Why don't you swing?" to our players. I mean, three called strikeouts in as many innings? It's enough to drive anyone crazy, especially when you're down 4-0! Well, they did start swinging somewhat, but it wasn't enough, as Erie, the worst team in the division, fell to the second-worst team by a score of 7-0. I don't think I've ever seen the SeaWolves be shut out. Simply pathetic.

It's amazing how different the fans' attitudes are now that the SeaWolves are past their glory days of 1999 and 2001. People come to the ballpark no longer expecting Erie to win, but in hopes that they won't lose. Oh, well. It's been a bad season for baseball in our area, both in AA and in the Major Leagues.

Anywho, I got home, looked around for the thermometer which never seems to be where it's supposed to be, and eventually found it by myself (despite the fact that I was begging others to help me). I took my temperature, and indeed, it wasn't ridiculously high, but considering how rarely I get sick, it was enough to tell me, "Bed. Now." So that's what I did; it was 22:30.

Now, most days in the summer I force myself to be vertical (i.e., "up") by 09:30. On a bad day, when I'm especially tired, I might roll out around 11:00. Anyway, at 13:15, I mustered the strength to crawl out of bed, attempt to shake the stupid thermometer to reset it (although Dad actually did it), and take my temperature again. It was lower, but still elevated. And that has been the story of today for me every time I've checked it: lower, but still elevated.

So needless to say, I've spent most of the day doing very little, which is a shame, because I spent Sunday and Monday doing very little because I was exhausted from camp. I was really hoping to get some things done today. I did, though, spend about a half an hour writing thank you notes to people who gave me things for my graduation, because that's pretty mindless.

Mind you, a great deal of thought went into designing what I would write on them, but actually physically handwriting the notes is something I could do while half asleep. In fact, that's what I was doing today. So don't feel offended. Honestly, do you expect me to write dozens of completely different notes to the dozens of people who just gave me a card and some cash? Not that cards and cash aren't nice, but the answer is no way, José!

For those of you who are concerned about catching my fever through the mail, don't be. If you happen to be one of the lucky few who will receive a thank you note from me dated 19 July, just don't lick it, and you should be fine.

Anyway, at the rate things are going, my temperature should be back to normal by tomorrow morning. But now I've got to stand up; I've been horizontal for the last 45 minutes.

Whoa, dizzy!


Stephen Lewis said...

yikes! get well soon, man!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

Calculator? What a freak.

I've been pretty sick too. Although, my temperature has been going from like 100 down to 96 back up to normal, so maybe that's the way it's always been? I don't know. Either way, I'm extremely lightheaded, and even in the air conditioning, I can't stop sweating. I think most of it might be from my lack of sleep, although I know a lot more people with much bigger sleeping problems than me, so that doesn't really explain it. :-\

I hope you do get better, though, because I want to hear about camp. Not that I'm dying, like some people. But it's nice to hear about people's lives. And since you're the only one I can ever really expect to update, since Laurel's never home and Jay's a lost cause (kind of ironic to last year, huh?).

Stephen Lewis said...

(sigh) i guess i should confess, i used the excuse of "i'm kinda recovering from a cold" the other day so i wouldn't have to share a water bottle. now i kinda feel guilty.

Miles C. said...

Why is that ironic?

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry I've been neglecting your blog lately! Anywho, I hope you're feeling better now. There's a nasty virus that's been spreading around here. Both my parents have it right now and I'm praying that it decides to pass me by ^_^;;

Laurel said...

Hey, Andrea!! I am to home! a little one day every 2 weeks...but hey, starting August 10 I'll be home almost everyday...haha, almost as in 2 days I have plans! We need Barnes and Nobles!

Oh...and Tim, I already told you this but...feel better soon!

Luv ya all!

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