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14 February 2007

Snow, Cancellation, Major Decision, Baby, and Valentines...

...all wrapped up in one neat little post! Okay, maybe not so little, considering I've got five distinct topics to cover...

But first, let me assure you that the title of my last post was not intended to contain double entendre in that it was a pun on a brand-name refrigerator. But it did, and it was. And in retrospect, had I thought about it beforehand, I still would have put it there intentionally.

That being said, I bet those of you in the Pittsburgh area noticed that the weather wasn't all that great on Tuesday either, but in a different way. A total of 5.5 inches of snow was officially recorded, and it was everywhere. I actually had trouble walking to a couple of my classes because the conditions of the walkways were so poor.

The symphonic band's trip to Harrisburg, originally scheduled for Tuesday, was cancelled due to the weather. Meanwhile, classes went on, so it was a pretty normal day. Emily went on a bit of a rant about how Pitt was one of the only colleges in Pittsburgh to not cancel classes, but soon after Pitt actually decided to make the call to cancel all classes starting at or after 16:00 Tuesday until 12:00 Wednesday.

Now, technically Heinz Chapel Choir is a class you can register for, and since rehearsals start at 16:00, it would have been cancelled by that logic. But we have a concert of sorts on Sunday, so most of the choir still showed up. We finished early though, which was nice.

Then I went to the women's basketball game, which Pitt won. This was welcome news after Monday's men's basketball loss (to Louisville, no less). After hanging out with Emily for a little while, I did a little bit of work then went to bed.

I couldn't sleep in too long, though, because as you can see from my schedule, I had class right at 12:00 when the cancellation ended. Granted, it was a recitation, but we have an exam in that class tomorrow. Then next came seminar at 14:00, and guess what? I filled out the paperwork to officially declare my major! Granted, the Freshman Engineering Program doesn't submit the paperwork until May, because they have to make sure my grades are good enough to move on. But I would have to get less than 0.35 this term and/or fail two classes for grades to be a problem. And what are the odds of that happening?

In other news, I had mentioned Monday 12 February earlier in that the men's basketball team lost big time. Well, something else happened. My great aunt Jana, who occasionally comments on this blog, and whom I had just seen at Laurel's birthday party on Saturday, had her baby! So that's exciting. Congratulations to the whole family!

And of course, today is Valentine's Day. I was walking through the Union on my way to a review session for Friday's CHEM exam when I heard members of the Heinz Chapel Choir practicing the Valentine's Day song. Apparently, as I found out just a few weeks ago, HCC members take shifts and deliver singing valentines as a fundraiser every year. Unfortunately, I've been busy all day, so I couldn't help this year. But I did learn the song, so I'll be ready... if I don't forget it.

I also got a lovely card from my family in the mail today which helped to make my day even better. And I got a laugh from it, too, because I think one of my mother's hairs somehow got into the envelope.

My MATH professor also decided independently to cancel tonight's class. So I can finally finish up on that laundry I've been mostly putting off. And now this post is done! I think I got through everything, didn't I?

Random tangent: We were given pizza at Tuesday's women's game during halftime, but we weren't back in our spots soon enough to play the school songs as the team re-entered the court. So it started out with just two trumpeters and Jack (the director) on the drum set. We were at the club level, eating pizza, and fairly oblivious, when we saw Jack playing drums on PantherVision. That's when we knew it was bad. We rushed back and most of us got to our places before the start of the half. It was quite amusing, though.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

sounds busy and fun fun fun.

Laurel said...

It was a good week. I like it when you mention me haha! And congrats to Aunt Jana!

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