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04 February 2007

Superbowl Reflections

Bah. I dislike the Colts. At least to the degree that I was disappointed when they won. But not to the degree that I would watch, although I wanted to. But I had too much work. I hear it was a really interesting game, and my roommate said the halftime show was phenomenal. Or something to that effect, because what he actually said is probably too weird to post here.

But for the first time in several years I couldn't watch the Superbowl. Ugh. I just hope I won't be so busy next year, especially if I team I actually like has a chance of winning. And there are a few of those, not just the Steelers.

It felt weird even thinking about football today, even if it was about the fact that I couldn't watch. I guess it was because by the time the Pittsburgh Panthers were done, the Steelers were already so far out of the running it was almost laughable. So I just paid no attention in December and January. I think it was even a few days after the Conference Championship games before I knew who was playing tonight.

Grr. The Colts won. Oh, well. Better luck next year.

Colts 29, Bears 17.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad... I was wearing my Bears hoodie today that my mom got me in Chicago.

And your roommate doesn't lie, the halftime show was pretty amazing. I was skeptical because it was Prince but he really delivered. Of course, it didn't hurt that he brought on the Florida A&M marching band and they were wearing glowy lights on their uniforms. I think Pitt Band should adopt this.. how cool would THAT look coming out the tunnels?

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i spent half of the superbowl working and the other half sleeping ovre jays. i missed halftime show completely.

and usually i get really excited for the superbowl.


Anonymous said...

This is way after the fact, but we were actually rooting for the Colts. Tony Dungy has ties to Pittsburgh, having coached here among other things and is a strong Christian guy (as is Lovie Smith). So, in a game where it wasn't my favorite team anyway, the Colts was a fine result.

Random tangent(s)? Our schools only cancelled on Tuesday having 2 hour delays Monday and Wednesday. It seemed colder today with the wind chill at the top of the hill where we are... Are you going to be at Laurel's party on Saturday? We hope to see you there!

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