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04 February 2007


I'm just a tad swamped this weekend. As usual. Just thought I'd let you know.

Choir camp in Highland Park was fun on Saturday, but took a chunk out of my schedule. My father happened to have to come down to Pitt for a recertification class in the morning, so he met up with me over our lunch break. Which was very nice.

Which reminds me. A few days before camp, our director gave us a list of buses we could catch to get to Highland Park and the times at which they would come. Checking a map and a bus schedule for the map of the route because I was convinced that I would get lost, I happened to notice that he had used the weekday schedules for one of the buses. Seeing that it was going to be cold at about the time people would be catching buses (officially it was 7°F at 08:53), I sent out an email to the distribution list we have set up alerting the members of the choir to this fact, providing correct times, and reproducing the rest of our director's list just out of convenience.

The next morning, I received an email in response that said, and I quote: "Bite me, Tim!"

The best part was that he replied to all, which was only two email address: me and the D-list. But that meant that everybody got his response. Then my inbox received several side comments like "Whoa," and "Let's keep the biting to [a] minimum." And I think just about every choir member who talked to me Saturday mentioned it in some way or another. So now one of the numerous inside jokes that the various choir classes have is centered around me. Which I guess is fine.

But all fun aside, if you can call that "fun," the main reason I'm swamped is that CHEM lab reports and homework problems are due every Monday afternoon. So that's what I'm taking a short "blog-break" from right now. Then this afternoon I'm meeting with the service learning group because we have a sizable project proposal due on Tuesday, which will be reviewed, and ultimately presented to our "client," DRS, on 15 February. Yikes! Here's hoping the one-page outline we were given explains things well enough. And somewhere in there I should at least look at the MATH review worksheet for Wednesday's exam and do a little more work on my PS paper.

And later today I have to turn in my housing deposit for next year, now that Dad gave me the check. The deadline's fast approaching, and they're sending constant reminders telling us to beat the rush and the long lines. And when Pitt says "long lines," they mean long lines.

So basically, unless something spectacular happens (which, knowing Feb'y, is likely), I won't blog much until Thursday evening or Friday at the earliest once this coming week's events are over. Which is just fine, because lately I've been ahead of my normal pace anyway.

Random tangent: Superbowl kickoff at 18:25 ET today. My Illinois-native acquaintance is back in Illinois to appropriately celebrate the Bears' Superbowl appearance with his family.


Anonymous said...

Da Bearssssss- of course, I'm rooting for them because my Mom's from Chicago and they're of the NFC, same conference as my beloved Carolina Panthers.

Isn't it funny being the subject of inside jokes?

And BTW- I'm not as afraid of the cold as I was a few hours ago.

Where are you going to live next year?

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i'll trade you.

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